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    Use a wingsuit to travel more than 5000m (Campaign only).


    It’s worth noting that this achievement is a cumulative distance.

    You’ll first need to unlock the "Parachute" perk to then have access to the "Wingsuit" perk. Once you’ve unlocked that, it’s best to go grab a plane or helicopter so that you can get to the highest point which is to the far left of Jacob Region and top left of Johns Region.

    Once you’ve landed up onto the highest point, head east and jump off the side of the cliff and don’t forget to deploy your wingsuit. As stated in Maka’s video, you can get roughly 2,500-3,000m in one jump. If you want to see your current total press and tab across to "Challenges > World > Wingsuit Distance."

    NOTE: There is another skill, "Airdrop," which costs ten perk points, that may help expedite the amount of time it takes to unlock this achievement. This perk essentially drops you from the sky when using a fast travel point.

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  • You unlock the Wingsuit via a perk. You should also unlock the next perk in this row called "Airdrop". Choose any location where you can use fast travel on it and use the airdrop function. Preferably higher locations for more distance. Set a marker on your map for orientation. Align your body and direction and enjoy the flight. Normally you should not need more as 2 or 3 airdrops to get this achievement. You can check your progress under challenges.
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