Survivalist Achievement

  • Survivalist



    Purchase half of all perks available (Campaign only).


    To purchase a perk, you’ll first need to unlock perk points by completing any of the challenges and their multiple tiers. Once you have enough, head over to the perks page to see what’s available. There’s a total of 50 perks to choose from, so this means you need to unlock 25 of them. Each perk varies on its perk point cost and some can only be unlocked after you complete certain missions or buying the previous related perk.

    You can go about this how you like. So you can find the cheapest 25 and unlock them or you can buy the 25 you want for your playthrough but this obviously may end up being more costly in perk points. Either way, you’ll naturally complete challenges as you play or you can simply check the list to boost you perk point count.

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  • This achievement is worth 20 Gamerscore
  • Confirmed; was wondering why my gamerscore didn't match correctly...this needs to be updated.

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