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    DLC Vietnam: Kill a total of 25 enemies with airstrikes (Host only).


    This achievement is missable and must be done over of the course of a single playthrough.

    In Hours of Darkness, airstrikes are a new combat ability that allow for maximum firepower. To use this ability, which will be available very early on, you must use your binoculars and then press to call in the airstrike. You are allowed one airstrike per "airstrike token" and you can only have a maximum of five tokens at once.

    Completing secondary objectives such as liberating POWs, killing Commanders, and destroying AA guns will net more tokens; in fact, if AA guns are active in a certain region of the jungle, airstrikes cannot be used at all, so it's always in your best interest to seek out and destroy the Viet Cong anti-artillery guns.

    NOTE: During the final battle at the extraction zone, you are allowed an unlimited amount of airstrikes. This allows you a perfect opportunity to earn the achievement if you have not already unlocked it during your playthrough.

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  • Any body else having trouble unlocking this achievement? My tracker bar is locked at 92% no matter how many I kill with the air strike.
  • Mine too I'm stuck on 92%.. happend to me on another game where it got stuck!!

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