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    DLC Vietnam: Complete the game in Survivor Mode (Host only).


    Once you have completed Hours of Darkness, you will unlock Survivor Mode. In the Main Menu, launch the add-on and select this difficulty. Survivor Mode severely limits your resources and the number of weapons you can carry.

    There is no set strategy for this mode, but one major tip is to take the time to rescue one or two of the US POWs; their firepower and general support during the final battle at the extraction zone will prove extremely advantageous. Also, it should go without saying that you should opt for stealth whenever possible and avoid secondary objectives altogether. Your main focus should be on getting to the extraction zone while remaining hidden in the dense jungle foliage.

    Regardless of how you approach this mode, the achievement will unlock once you escape the jungle and the credits begin to roll.

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  • just a heads up, to run quickly through the 2nd and 3rd playthroughs you can just run all the way to extraction point and complete it super quickly for achievements
  • Little Guide and more detail: So the best way i found to do this is right when you spawn run and get your gear and stealth take down the two dudes there, one has a pistol pick that up and one has a bamboo stick you're gonna wanna take that too. from there ignore the base and just sneak around it to the gates so you can get away from that area. Once you're away from the starting area straight up just run to the extraction point, it took me an hour and a half to actually get there. the first reason is because you don't just wanna run the whole way, its a mixture between crouching to stay out of enemy line and also burst running. so just avoid all other objective and enemies. In the description they say to get your crew back and i'd recommend either not doing that or just getting Joker becau
  • se - you're gonna need his help. if you don't need his help and do it solo the best thing to do is take out the two AA Guns at the extraction point, the one on the right first then the one on the left. takeout stealthly, then once at the extraction point there's a bunker with only two entraces and heli hits can't hit you so go there and be stealth and just take people out (this would take an hour) or go loud but be careful! if you die don't get frustrated you'll respond and sometimes it saves checkpoints and on the way out once in the extraction helicoper you don't even need to kill anyone so just ride out. I died maybe 7 times but it only took me two hours maybe two and a half hours to finish this. the first time i died because of a jaguar, so if you're running through and see a jaguar cr
  • - cross your paths be sure to be it with your fists or a bamboo stick otherwise it will kill you or you killing it will alert enemies nerby you which they can easily two shot you even if you're running away or trying to heal yourself. The way that i did it was on my own without the help of anyone but if you want some co-op help i love Far Cry and i'd be willing to give you a hand so add me DeathHimselfR happy achievement hunting! also if you're going for this one and 80s hero, this one is the hardest the otherone is super easy compared to it so its not that challenging.

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