DLC: Mars: Martian Journal Achievement

  • DLC: Mars: Martian Journal



    Collect all of Larry's notes (Host Only).


    This achievement is missable and must be completed before starting "Save the World."

    There are a total of 28 notes that you must collect in order to unlock this achievement. Unfortunately, these collectibles are not on the world map. The only indication you have is a small orange icon on your HUD when you are within 10-15 feet of a note.

    Please refer below to the video guide, courtesy of 360GameTV, as an aid in tracking down all 28 of Larry's notes.

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  • There is a total of 28 Larry's Notes in this dlc. There are no markers on the map or an overview for the collectibles so is the best advice for you to collect all 28 in one go. You have to find alle notes before you finish the story otherwise you have to start a complete new run. If you are close to a note the game shows you an orange icon so you can easy spot this note. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gzPjjKGy5o

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