DLC: Zombies: Gold MedaliZt Achievement

  • DLC: Zombies: Gold MedaliZt



    Get a gold medal in all 7 movie pitches in Score Attack.


    In order to play Score Attack on a movie pitch, you must complete that pitch normally for the first time. In Score Attack, you're essentially thrown into the level and must reach the end before the timer expires. You will be awarded with points based on kills, headshots, time bonuses, and Mutation Stations destroyed.

    Please see below for each level's gold medal requirement.

    • Fields of Terror: 25,000 in 8 minutes
    • Burned Bridges: 40,000 in 12 minutes
    • Undying Love: 32,000 in 10 minutes
    • Escape from the Rooftop: 36,000 in 8 minutes
    • Killer Climate: 32,000 in 10 minutes
    • The Fast and the Fiendish: 35,000 in 10 minutes
    • Laboratory of the Dead: 56,000 in 12 minutes

    Now, the main rule of thumb you want to follow in each level is to aim for headshots, do not skip the Behemoth fights, destroy the individual Mutation vials scattered around the level (for some extra points), and move quickly (the faster you complete a level, the higher your bonus).

    Lastly, this achievement is considerably easier when done with a co-op partner, so it's highly recommended to work on this with someone else as opposed to on your own. For some key tips on each of the seven levels, please see below (thanks to Jack Frost).

    Fields of Terror

    • Get through this level as quickly as possible, but when you get to the final Mutation Station in the barn, do not destroy all the vials in the Station. Instead, destroy all but one and then proceed to farm zombie kills until there are about thirty seconds left on the clock. Then, and only then, quickly destroy the last vial.

    Burned Bridges

    • Early on in this level, you will reach a part of the bridge where there are three Mutation Stations scattered around each other and then another that blocks your progress on the bridge. Destroy the first three completely and be sure to shoot the individual vials on the ground, too. Now destroy the fourth Station and continue on with the level. Once you reach the end, you will have access to an MG. Mount it and kill everything. With around thirty seconds left on the clock, leave the MG behind and run to the end of the level even if there are still some zombies left alive.

    Undying Love

    • Once you gain control of your character, dart straight ahead and you should come up to a staircase that leads to an underground mausoleum filled with zombies and Mutation vials. Destroy these vials and then continue on with the level as you normally would. When you reach the Behemoth, don't open fire on him just yet. Wait until he performs the "ground slam" attack. Once he does this, he will remain immobile for a few seconds, allowing you to shoot the glowing red/orange weak spot on his back. Make sure you kill the Behemoth before moving on. The rest of the mission is pretty straightforward; just make to destroy those vials in the beginning and do not skip the Behemoth fight.

    Escape from the Rooftop

    • This level is very straightforward. The key thing you want to aim for here is time, and that is achieved by killing the zombies...well, quickly. While you are laying waste to the enemy, make sure you are running to the weapon tables around the map for ammo and throwable items. A few of these tables have remote explosives, which are vital towards the end of the level. Now, it's worth noting that from the start point, diagonally to the left across the map there's an area that has an elevator at the back. Once you've killed all of the zombies (you should have about three minutes left on the clock at this point) the elevator will open and three Behemoths will spawn inside. As Jack Frost notes: "The elevator actually opens before they spawn, so toss a remote explosive inside (each player if in co-op). When they finally spawn in, detonate the charge(s) and immediately throw another into the room and detonate it as well." This chain explosion should kill all three Behemoths quickly and end the level.

    Killer Climate

    • This is another fairly straightforward level. There isn't too much strategy involved here, other than obviously aiming for headshots on zombies when possible and destroying the two Mutation Stations along the way to your objective. At the end of the level, you will have to face the Blood Dragon. In the center of the clearing of this battle, there is a grenade launcher, an RPG, and an LMG. In order to get the most points possible, grab the LMG and open fire on the Blood Dragon (make sure you are taking care of the zombies in this area, too, for additional points). Once the Blood Dragon is dead, run to the truck inside the nearby garage.

    The Fast & The Fiendish

    • Once you gain control of your character, make your way to the marked truck while killing any and all zombies that get in your way. You should aim to have 5,000 points and nine minutes left on the clock by the time you enter the truck. Now drive towards the objective and make note of the Mutation Stations on the road as you drive to the military base. You'll want to make sure to destroy each and every Mutation Station before moving on (if playing cooperatively, the gunner can shoot the red barrels around each Mutation Station to destroy some of its vials while the driver then stops the car, exits, and destroys the remaining vials with their own weapons). Once you reach the military base, continue pressing onward while killing everything that gets in your way. Do not skip the Behemoth fight at the end of this level.

    Laboratory of the Dead

    • This level is very straightforward, too. Kill everything with headshots as you make your way to the reactor room. Do not skip any of the Behemoth fights, no matter how difficulty they may seem in the tight corridors of the lab. Also, make sure to destroy any and all Mutation vials you see throughout the corridors and side rooms. There isn't much else in terms of strategy for this mission; just kill everything efficiently and finish quickly.

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