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    Complete New Game+ with Infamous difficulty


    After you have completed the Campaign for the first time, you will be able to start a new playthrough in New Game+ from the Main Menu. When selecting New Game+, you're also able to choose the difficulty level. For this achievement you must choose the Infamous difficulty, which increases enemy damage, health, and perception.

    It's worth noting here that New Game+ retains your progression from your original save file, carrying over your weapons, gear, vehicles, money, outfits, prestige items, and any unspent perk points.

    All in all, playstyle is going to vary for each and every player—some will play stealthily and slowly, while others may want to finish their playthrough as quickly as possible even if it means compromising all stealth. Regardless of playstyle, keep these five tips in mind during your New Game+ playthrough:

    • To save time, skip any and all dialogue interactions and cutscenes, and use Air Drops when possible to travel around the map in a more efficient manner via your wingsuit
    • Prioritize tasks that will yield the most Resistance Points, such as main missions and outposts; side missions and miscellaneous activities should only be done if absolutely necessary
    • Go to John's region first and unlock Boomer as early as possible; his passive ability that tags nearby enemies is extremely useful
    • Dump any leftover perk points (and new perk points you earn) into the "Journey Pack" skill in order to increase the amount of medkits you can carry (up to 25+); make pit stops at stores in between main story missions to always ensure you're fully stocked up on health supplies
    • If you have completed the Lost on Mars DLC and obtained its weapon-related achievement, you'll be able to use the Tazer Spazer Annihilator in this playthrough (you must equip it from any store); this weapon has a ridiculously long range, unlimited ammo, and will kill enemies and vehicles almost instantly

    With these key tips in mind, your New Game+ playthrough should be very manageable. The use of the Tazer Spazer Annihilator will make things incredibly easy, though please note that using this weapon voids any sense of stealth gameplay. It should take around 8-10 hours to complete the game provided you are skipping dialogue and cutscenes, as well as focusing on missions that yield the most Resistance Points.

    Lastly, you must choose the "Resist" ending at the end of the game in order to then unlock this achievement after the credits. If you choose "Walk Away," the game will still end, but you will not unlock the achievement, thus requiring you to reload your current save file from the Main Menu and choose the "real" ending.

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  • If anyone wants to run through on co op message me GT alancmo
  • Got past that opening section finally after no joke probably like three dozen attempts. It's funny because the rest of the game has been pretty straightforward. What I find helped me the most on that section was to actually press B to lean out the window. I swear their hit detection is worse when you're out rather than ducking in and out. Turn vibration off helps too. Also spread out your medkits to the points where there is no enemies. Right when you get behind the building after the first roadblock, when he mentions the plane, and right before the bridge were the best spots for me.
  • If you have lost on mardls DLC, equip the obliterator pistol, everything dies.
  • Guys, if anyone wants to do this achievement, and has a new game + ready send me a message and I can help with the achievement. GT: nicksk8er
  • Hello, If anybody out there would be kind enough to help me out by letting me jump in on their Infamous save I would really appreciate it. Just send me a message on Xbox Live. Gamer tag - Captain Aldred Thank you!
  • @ #5 Why bother cheating to get it? What's the point?
  • 30Gā€¦.. šŸ˜‚

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