- Estimated achievement difficulty 2/10 (4/10 for Hard playthrough)
- Offline: 21 Achievements - 400
- Online: 0 Achievements - 0
- Approximate amount of time to 400: 18-20hrs
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Missable achievements: None - Chapter Select
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes - Hard Difficulty
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Welcome to Far Cry Classic, the HD remake of the original 2004 title Far Cry now developed by Ubisoft. The game features a 20-mission story while you play as the ex-Special Forces operator Jack Carver on a dangerous island littered with hostile mercenaries and beasts. Each mission can last from 10-30 mins, and ultimately the story will take about 10hrs to finish on the Normal difficulty.

Easy Playthrough
There are four difficulty levels on the game all unlocked from the start; Easy, Normal, Hard & Realistic. You will want to start off on Easy and along the way try to get as many level specific miscellaneous achievements as possible, and by following the guide you will be able to get every achievement in the game except Carver Style single playthrough. The reason you should not start on Hard is because while chapter selecting levels through the "Load Game" screen, you cannot select your difficulty, and some miscellaneous achievements are simply not possible on hard.

There are 6 achievements for 55G tied to simply completing 6 certain missions in the story mode, these include Tutorial (1), Pier (4), Steam (8), Rebellion (11), Swamp (17) & Volcano (20).

At this point, you will have completed the game on Easy, and in case you have missed any level specific achievements then you can select a chapter and replay it in the "Load Game" menu, any chapter you start will automatically start set to the difficulty you started the game on, which is why it is highly recommended your first playthrough be on Easy. Below are the achievements tied to their respective levels in the story.

Mission 1 (Tutorial) - Uneven Terrain, "Hurt? Who Me"
Mission 3 - (Fort) - SpecOps Training
Mission 4 (Pier) - Flight Simulation, Oceanic Vista, Long Distance Correspondence
Mission 5 (Research) - Ninja jack
Mission 6 (Treehouse) - In the Zoo
Mission 7 (Bunker) - Bounding Experiences
Mission 16 (River) - Of Raven And Crows
Mission 17 (Swamp) - Hot Zone Date
Mission 19 (Dam) - Wildlife Safari
Mission 20 (Volcano) - Call Drops, Contained Evolution

Hard Playthrough
At this point, you will only have one achievement left in the game, "Carver Style" which is to complete the game on either Hard or Realistic difficulty. Hard is recommended, with the major difference between the difficulties being that your health and armour will go down tremendously quicker compared to earlier difficulties, but the game is still not extremely difficulty on this difficulty. See achievement for more details and tips.

Video credits to SSCMrNice & NightHawk.

[XBA would like to thank Barad for this roadmap]

Far Cry Classic Achievement Guide

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There are 21 achievements with a total of 400 points

  • Complete Dam level without equipping a weapon on person (mounted weapons are allowed).

    This is achieved on Mission 19 (Dam). This mission lasts roughly 5 minutes and is very easy to complete. You cannot equip any weapon throughout the level, but you're allowed to use mounted guns on vehicles and any found in the environment. If you do pick up any weapons by mistake throughout the level, simply restart the checkpoint as this will not void the achievement.

    As soon as the level starts, be careful not to accidentally pick up the M4 rifle on the ground just a few feet ahead to your right. Run forward, past the trigon enemy and jump off the waterfall, follow the river until the cutscene plays. Now make sure to grab the armour on the ground and use the mounted gun inside the fallen chopper to kill all trigon's ahead of you, one enemy will also spawn behind you after everyone is dead ahead, simply switch sides to the other mounted gun and kill it.

    At this point, you will want to make your way up the hill towards the big gate, sticking to the right to avoid most of the enemies, go through the fort and to the right into the armoury to grab the keycard and armour if you need it. Make sure not to accidentally pick up any weapons in the armoury. Now go back outside, open the gate and into the jeep. Drive down until you reach the lava streams. You will have to cross the first stream by walking over a fallen tree acting as a bridge. You the cross the second stream by walking across some rocks further up the hill.

    Now run past the enemies, carefully slide down the cliff to make sure you don't lose too much health when you land on the bottom. Make your way towards the large structure on the right, up the stairs and to large door guarded by several mercenaries. You will most likely die at this point but the level will also end and the achievement will unlock.

    See video for further help:

  • Do not die while Doyle hacks the entry gates.

    This is achieved on Mission 3 (Fort). At the end of the level you will be faced with a locked door, when Doyle starts hacking the door you will need to survive for about 90 seconds until the door is hacked open. Two boats will spawn and start shooting rockets at your area which kill you if you do not retaliate or hide.

    The safest way to survive is to make your way to the left of the door, down the stairs and hide in the small tunnel until you're notified by Doyle that the door is open. Three mercenaries will be dropped off at some point and may or may not make their way own to you, so be cautious and ready to kill them. Achievement will unlock once the door opens.

    Alternatively, you can choose to take the boat enemies out if you have a sniper rifle and then the chopper enemies with your assault rifle. See video for further help:

  • Complete Treehouse without dying.

    Note: This achievement has to be completed in a single run, this means you cannot reload checkpoint, or quit to the menu and continue regardless of whether you die or not. If you do die, you will have to redo the mission in chapter select.

    This is achieved on Mission 6 (Treehouse). The mission is about 8 minutes long and can easily be completed without even losing that much armour or health, so as long as you are constantly marking areas for enemies with your binoculars, progress slow and steady making sure to take out everyone before moving forward so you do not get shot from behind.

    If you're going to die on this mission, it will most likely be from falling off the bridges at the start or off a cliff a little further into the missions, so be weary of your surroundings. Also, near the end of the mission you will have to make you way to a fort, there will be enemies trying to snipe you which can take out quite a chunk of your health even on Easy, so make sure you scan them and kill them as before moving going across the final bridge to the fort area.

    Once you blow up the entrance to the fort, there will be one or two enemies which you should kill straight away, there will also be a chopper trying to kill you but you should run forward and into the right where you will be able to interact with the door, run inside as it opens and the achievement will unlock.

    See video for further help:

  • Do not let Valerie die even once in Swamp.

    Note: This achievement has to be completed in a single run, this means you cannot reload checkpoint, or quit to the menu and continue regardless of whether you or Valerie died or not. This means you cannot die yourself throughout the whole level either as this will count as Valerie dying as well. If you fail for whatever reason, you will have to redo the mission in chapter select.

    This is achieved on Mission 6 (Treehouse). This mission lasts about 20 minutes and isn't too difficult so as long as you're able to kill everyone before proceeding so that Valerie isn't killed by surprise or ambushed. At the start of the mission, you should kill everyone at the outpost, stock up with ammo, armour etc. and then you will get into the jeep in the gunner seat while Valerie drives.

    You should use the rockets on the jeep by pressing as they're a one hit kill towards jeeps and choppers, but aim with care as you only have 13 rockets before they run out. Destroy all jeeps and the chopper that spawns behind you then look forward and continue to kill mercenaries that are on foot.

    Once you arrive at the large outpost, this area has about 15 enemies inside, you will want to enter from the back-right side of the building and slowly take everyone out from there, there are mercenaries scattered on the ground outside, inside the building, ground floor, and first floor as well as two watchtowers, so make sure to clear the whole outpost out before progressing.

    When Valerie is in the control room, you will have to make your way to the building opposite to grab the keycard and nuke, at this point she will not follow you but instead stay in the control room, so as long as you have cleared the whole outpost beforehand, she is safe until you return.

    Once you return with the items, Valerie will open the large gate where you should scan your enemies ahead and take out the enemies in the distance. A long range weapon is recommended such as the Sniper or the LMG+scope. Move forward, clear out the final two buildings, after which Valerie will get into a forklift and the mission will end.

  • Complete the game in Hard or Realistic difficulty.

    It is highly recommended that you play the game on Easy first so you do not have to worry about any other achievements on your Hard playthrough as well as the fact that you will have an idea of what to do in each level and how to deal with certain enemies etc. Below are some tips to help you get through the game.

    • Brightness - Make sure to turn this up as it will hugely help your visibility in dark areas of the game, as well missions set at night and rooms with no lighting etc. Don't forget you can use the flashlight by pressing as well.
    • Binoculars - Always use your binoculars with to mark enemies. This way you know their locations, and their status eg. Green, Orange, Red = Normal, Suspicious, Hostile) as well as the direction they're facing on the minimap which is especially helpful for when you're trying to sneak around.
    • Scavenge - Health packs, armour, weapons, grenades, ammo etc. are placed very frequently throughout the game, often hidden or in open buildings etc. Entering an outpost filled with enemies is not a good idea without any armour and only a quarter bar of health, therefore backtracking for items is essential, and a must on Harder difficulties.
    • Loadout - The best loadout for nearly any situation is to have a long ranged weapon, two assault rifles and an explosive weapon. Specifically, a sniper rifle, a rocket launcher, the M4 assault rifle and the AG36 assault rifle with scope. The M4 is the most common weapon in the game, therefore ammo is not never an issue with at least this weapon, but always pick up dead enemies ammo too.
    • Sniping - When you're sniping, crouching is must but when possible you should always go prone. This does not only make it harder for enemies to spot you but it also decreases the sway almost entirely so that you're more accurate, especially when going for headshot from a long distance.
    • Distance - Keeping your distance between enemies until they're dead is essential and especially the trigen enemy as they can kill you with one or two melee blows. If you find yourself in close quarters inside, then picking up a shotgun is greatly help against this enemy.
  • Collect the Key card in Research without alerting anybody!

    This is achieved on Mission 5 (Research). Right at the beginning of the level, you will need to grab a keycard which is in a hut located at the top of the large hill. This is easiest pulled off by hugging the left wall as close as possible and keep moving forward.

    The hill will be cluttered with patrolling mercenaries so you should mark everyone with your binoculars every 20 or so seconds so you can see them on your minimap. If an enemy turns yellow (suspicious) you can still unlock the achievement, however if they turn orange (alerted and searching) or red (hostile) then you will need to restart the checkpoint.

    It takes about 1 minute to go from the start of the level to the hut with the keys, while hugging the wall, you can walk stood up, but do not sprint if there are enemies nearby as they will hear you, but crouching is not necessary either or you will be moving too slow. You can walk most of it, and even sprint when non enemies are close by.

    See video for further help:

  • Defeat Krieger.

    This is achieved on Mission 20 (Volcano). It is story related and cannot be missed.

  • Kill the Traitor with a melee attack.

    This is achieved on Mission 20 (Volcano). At the end of the mission you will have to make your way up to the control room where the traitor is hiding. Take out all the enemies outside and make your way up and melee the traitor with in which he will die with just one hit.

    See video for further help:

  • Complete a level with full health and armor.

    This is easiest achieved on Mission 1 (Tutorial). Your health is represented by the red bar, and armour by the gold bar on the bottom right, whilst blue is your stamina. For the achievement, you can lose health and armour during the level, but as long as you finish the level with a full bar of both health and armour, the achievement will unlock.

    At the end of the level, you will drive past a beach where you will see a hut and 2 mercenaries around it, inside the barn is a health pack and armour. Kill the enemies, grab the health pack and armour if needed and continue to finish the level up the hill towards the shipwreck.

  • Kill Crowe with a headshot.

    This is achieved on Mission 16 (River). About midway into the mission you will approach the jungle area where Crowe and several of his henchmen are located. In the first little area you will have to take out 4 enemies, then move a little forward and make sure to mark everyone with your binoculars. You will see Crowe there as he is the one wearing the cowboy hat, simply kill him with a headshot with either a sniper rifle or the AG36 assault rifle as it has a scope attached to it.

    See video for further help:

  • Complete Training mission.

    This is achieved on Mission 1 (Tutorial) and cannot be missed. The Tutorial is roughly 15 minutes long and will have you move across the island while you learn basic tutorials about the game.

  • Complete Pier Mission.

    This is achieved on Mission 4 and cannot be missed. You should note that 3 additional achievements can be earned on this level that are missable otherwise until you complete the story and replay chapters. The achievements in question are "Flight Simulation", "Oceanic Vista", "Long Distance Correspondence".

  • Complete Steam Mission.

    This is achieved on Mission 8 and cannot be missed.

  • Complete Rebellion Mission.

    This is achieved on Mission 11 and cannot be missed.

  • Complete Swamp Mission.

    This is achieved on Mission 17 and cannot be missed. You should note that there is 1 additional achievement can be earned on this level that is missable otherwise until you complete the story and replay chapters. The achievement in question is "Hot Zone Date".

  • Complete Volcano Mission.

    This is achieved on the final mission, Mission 20 and cannot be missed. You should note that there are 2 additional achievements that can be earned on this level that are missable otherwise until you complete the story and replay chapters. The achievements in question are "Call Drops", "Contained Evolution".

  • Run over 5 enemies while driving a vehicle

    This can be achieved on Mission 1 (Tutorial). Once you get into a vehicle for the first time, as you make your way through the island there will be around 8-10 enemies on the road for you to run over.

  • Fall over 150m and survive.

    This can be achieved on Mission 4 (Pier). At the start of the mission, after killing the two enemies near the two hang gliders, you should enter the glider just off the cliff on thee right. Once you have control of the glider, move a little to right with the so you're above the water, then release by pressing again and you will get the achievement when you splash into the water.

    Note: At this point, you should restart the checkpoint if you would like to finish the requirements for the "Oceanic Vista" achievement.

    See below for further help:

  • Get a headshot kill from 500m.

    This can be achieved on Mission 4 (Pier). You will find your first sniper rifle on the previous mission (Fort). During the Pier mission, when you're driving the jeep down the road you will soon encounter a road block with a large truck, a jeep and a few enemies. Kill the enemies and run back where you came from a little so that you can see a watch tower in the distance which is far ahead of the road block. You should go prone so the sniper doesn't sway and decrease your accuracy. At this point kill the enemy at the top of the watch tower as the tower is little above 500m away.

    See video for further help:

  • Score 1 kill each from a land, maritime and aerial vehicle.

    A land vehicle is any vehicle with four wheels and a gun turret from which you can shoot from with . You can get a land kill as early as Mission 1 (Tutorial) when you get into the jeep for the first time, it has a turret you can use.

    For the maritime kill, a boat is required which also have gun turrets that can be used with . A maritime kill can be gained the first on Mission 3 (Fort) where you will have to leave the orange dingy and soon find a boat by the dock. There are several enemies by the dock for you to kill with the turret on the boat.

    For the final aerial kill, this can only be done with a hang glider which is first found at the start of Mission 4 (Pier). Once you have control of the glider, as you move across the gorge you will see an enemy boat below, rotate your glider in a circular fashion so you can drop in altitude quickly to target the boat with any of your weapons. Easiest done with a launcher if you have one. You can select your weapons on the weapon wheel by holding .

  • In Bunker, make the Mercs and the caged Trigens mingle with each other

    This is achieved on Mission 7 (Bunker). About midway into the mission you will encounter a room with some mercenaries and some trigens in cages, and Doyle will also mention setting up a distraction. At this point walk up the stairs to the left and pull the lever by holding to release the trigens from their cages where the achievement will unlock.

    See video for further help:

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