- Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 15 [470 ]
- Online: 20 [530 ]
- Estimated Time for 1000 : 145+ hours
- Minimum Playthroughs: 3 campaign, 3 expansion
- Missable Achievements: Treasure Raider
- Glitched Achievements: None
- Cheats Disable Achievements: No

To start off, attaining 1000 in this game will be very tedious and unattainable without boosting, as the community is dead. You will need to play through Instincts (Original Story) and Evolution (Expansion) 3 times each - one playthrough on each difficulty. The cheat codes at the end of the introduction are useful (and case-sensitive!) and should be used as many times as needed. You can enter them all in the Cheat Codes section of the Pause Menu. I recommend borrowing or using your own Messenger Kit while playing through the campaign, because you’ll be using the health one quite a bit. I also recommend installing this game to your hard drive before working towards the multiplayer achievements to minimize noise and heat.

ImJackCarver - Replenish Health
UnleashHell - Unlimited Ammo
FeralAttack - Unlock Feral Claw Ability (Before it’s unlocked through the storyline)
Bloodlust - Infinite Adrenaline (Used for Feral Abilities)

The first online achievements are all doable without outside assistance. All of the Winner & Champion achievements can be done simply by going to Player Match. It’s available in the Xbox Live section of Multiplayer. First, though, go to Map Editor and make a map for "Predator", "Seek & Secure", and "Steal the Sample". The best way to do this is to make a circular map with the required spawns and objects for each game type. It’s possible to tweak and create the maps so that you can leave your controller to auto-run, but I found it was more reliable to run through the 50 matches of each by myself. Below are links to examples of the maps I used to manually achieve my 50 wins of Predator, Seek ‘n’ Secure, and Steal the Sample. You can use any standard map for Chaos and Team Chaos. Now that you’ve created your maps, make sure you publish them.

Predator Map (Click!)
Seek ‘n’ Secure (Click!)
Steal the Sample (Click!)

Now go to Player Match and Create a Match. In the Match Options, set the type to Predator with two-minute rounds and an auto-launch of 15 seconds. Also, make sure you’ve set the map to the one you’ve created for this game type. Set the number of players to two with two private slots and make sure you’re a mercenary, then launch the match. Run to the generator as soon as the match launches every round and stand there for the 40 seconds it takes to power up the generator. Repeat 50 times.

After you unlock "Predator Champion", go to the match options and change the game type to Seek ‘n’ Secure as well as the map you’ve created for it. Set the bases required to win to one and capture time to 15 seconds. Launch the match as the red team and run to the base. Stand in its area until you capture it and the round ends. Repeat 50 times.

Now go back into the options and change the game type to Steal the Sample. Set the number of steals to one and begin the match as the red team. Run through the blue sample onto the red sample and you’ll win the match. Repeat 50 times.

Now the easy ones! Change the game type to Chaos or Team Chaos (we’ll be doing both) and choose a map that can support either of them (I used Warehouse). Set the round time to one minute, auto-launch to 15, and launch the match. You can get up and take a break at this point…go outside, walk your dog, get a snack, etc. After 50 wins of one, switch to the other type and let it run until you unlock Multi Champion. It should take about 100 rounds.

***Please be aware that PAL/NTSC versions do exist and they can’t play with each other!***

As for the kills, find a good solid partner and boost, boost, boost. I used one of my boosting maps that was eligible for Chaos, so that spawns were close. Set the kills to 100 and 45-minute round times. Change the weapon types to explosive when you need Explosives Maniac. Go back and edit/publish a map to include a large vehicle when you’re working on Road Demon. When you need Multi Feral Warrior, edit the same map and just put the maximum amount of evolution objects in it. Now run around dicing your partner until it unlocks. (Hit when the claws show up next to the cross hairs). For Multi Stalker, just edit the same map (again) and put 5-10 trees in there and constantly set traps while the other player runs through them. It goes relatively fast. As for Berserker, find another player that doesn’t mind helping out for 10-15 minutes. A multikill is defined as 2+ kills in 3-4 seconds. The easiest way to get this achievement is to run over two people at once. All multiplayer achievements will unlock at the end of the round. Don’t be alarmed when they don’t pop at the exact kill.

The Cleaner is actually one of the easiest to earn, as it will most likely unlock while you finish all of the kill achievements. If it doesn’t, it should only take a hundred or so in order to finish them off.

"Multiplayer über geek" is by far the most annoying achievement in the game. If you don’t mind leaving your Xbox 360 on while sleeping, turn off your auto-shut off timer (in your Xbox’s system settings) and install the game to your HDD. Set yourself to a Player Match with all slots as private, 45 minute rounds, and 15 second auto-launchers. Let it run and go to sleep, work, or whatever you plan on doing. It’ll take 8-10 nights of this, depending on how long it took you to boost all of the kills and wins.

Single Player
The single player achievements are quite annoying as well because the difficulty achievements don't stack. So, you’re looking at playing it through three times for Instincts and three times for Evolution. There are phials to collect along the way, 5 per level to be exact. After getting all 50 in Instincts and 35 in Evolution, you’ll unlock the "Treasure Raider" achievement. They can be collected cumulatively through all playthroughs, not just one, so it’s hard to miss the achievement. For locations of all the phials, check out this guide.

An important note: If you die after getting a phial and load to the last save point, it’ll still register that phial. Unless you make it to a further save point before shutting off your 360 though, you’ll lose the record of that phial and have to get it next time you play. I missed one on the second level due to this, so just be wary!

There are ten levels in Instincts and seven in Evolution, not including the training levels, which don’t include phials. All of the levels are fairly straight-forward and only have one or two paths to take, both which will lead you to the next area. There are three difficulties: Rookie (Easy), Hunter (Normal), and Predator (Hard). On Rookie and Hunter, you get a radar in the lower left corner. It’s not there on Predator! I recommend, if you can stand the repetition, playing each level through on Rookie, then Predator immediately afterward. It’s a toss up if you would like to play Hunter at that time as well, but not necessary. Make use of the cheat codes along the way and you should be fine.

All of the solo play kill achievements are based on a cumulative total, so you can work on them through all playthroughs. Here’s an easy way to do them, though. Early on in the Instincts training level, you can unlock "Stalker", "Shadow Hunter", and "Feral Warrior". Right after you drop out of the shipwrecked craft-carrier, swim through the water and climb up the vines. Back stab the first guy and then setup a trap on the next enemy. You’ll be guided through both of these by the game. After you kill the second enemy with the trap, setup another trap and kill yourself. Load the save point and repeat this process until you unlock "Stalker" and "Shadow Hunter". Now enable the Feral Attack and Unlimited Feral Powers and rush through the training level and first level on easy, feral attacking anyone in your way. To feral attack, just hit while the claws appear under your cross hair. Use the health cheat when needed and once you unlock "Feral Warrior", just play the game as you normally would. "Head Collector" will be unlocked by simply playing through the storyline.

I recommend making a list of every level and then tallying off the phials you get for them so if you do happen to miss one, you can go back and get them without struggling to figure out which level it’s on, since the game doesn’t openly keep track for you. You can go back to single levels that you’ve played on whatever difficulty you’d like without having to progress through the storyline again by going to either Instincts or Evolution and choosing the level there.
[XBA would like to thank eskEMO for this Roadmap]

Far Cry Instincts: Predator Achievement Guide

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There are 35 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Accomplish 50 Trap kills in any solo mode

    Get a total of 50 Trap kills while playing the story mode in either of the two stories. To set a trap just walk up to a tree and press and and hold the RB button until the branch is fully set. Set the trap in a good spot, preferably near a lot of mercenaries and throw a rock nearby. Wait until you hear a snapping sound and that means you killed the merc.

    Note: For this and all other single player achievements requiring 'X number of kills' of a certain time, the kills are cumulative across multiple plays through. If you beat the game on easy and then continue a new game on medium difficulty, the kills will carry over and add to your total.

  • Accomplish 100 headshots in any solo mode

    Get a total of 100 headshots in any of the two story modes. I found this easiest done in the first story after finding a sniper rifle. After finding a sniper, enter in the cheat "UnleashHell" and have fun firing away at the mercs. Alternatively you can use any weapon, such as the pistols, just find something that you are comfortable with.

  • Accomplish 40 Stealth kills in any solo mode

    Get a total of 40 stealth kills in story mode. To get a stealth kill you must approach the merc from behind and press the B button and if done correctly you will stab him in the back.

    Note: Must be done before you unlock your Feral kill ability as the two are different.

  • Accomplish 80 Feral Punch kills in any solo mode

    Accumulate a total of 80 feral punch kills in story mode. I found this easiest done in the first mission. You do not yet have feral punching abilities so you have to enter in the "FeralAttack" cheat and this ability will become unlocked. Just go throughout the level slashing anyone in your sight.

  • Find all of Doctor Krieger's lost research dispatched on every map from both Stories

    This is by far the hardest achievement of the game but if you follow this guide you will get this achievement while trying to complete the story on all levels of difficulty.

    Click here to view the walkthrough on forums

  • Finish an online game in Chaos Mode ranked in first position

    Quickest way is to create your own game session, starting it with the lowest time set.

  • Finish a game while ranked in first place in an online Team Chaos match


    See "Chaos Winner".

  • Finish a game while ranked in first place in a multiplayer Steal the Sample match


    Fastest done if you start your own game and set the needed captures to the lowest amount possible (1). After that begin the game and capture the needed amount of files to win.

  • Finish a multiplayer game in Predator Mode ranked in first position


    See "Chaos Winner".

  • Finish a game while ranked in first place in an online Seek n' Secure match

    See "Steal the Sample".

  • Get first place at least once in all online Game Modes

    Come in first place in every single game type and this achievement will be yours. Follow the steps explained in "Multiplayer Champion" for faster results.

  • Get ranked first 50 times in the Multiplayer Chaos Mode

    Easily done by creating your own game with an auto launch timer and the shortest possible time limit (1min) and leaving it on.

  • Get ranked first 50 times in the Multiplayer Team Chaos Mode


    See "Chaos Champion".

  • Get ranked first 50 times in the Multiplayer Steal the Sample Mode


    Must capture the sample or it will be a draw so just create a small map in Map creator with the bases near each other and set the capture limit to the lowest amount possible. A smart map for this would be with the red and blue bases in line and the blue players spawn behind the red sample and the red players spawn behind the blue sample (make sure that the players are in a straight line) and just leave the game on with an auto-launch timer and with your controller so that your analog stick is forced upward. Make sure the players are all facing towards the base for this to work.

    Here is a basic drawing of the map..by basic I mean basic.

  • Get ranked first 50 times in the Multiplayer Predator Mode


    The quickest way for this one is to make a small map in map creation and have a friend join your game. Start the game with you on whichever side you prefer and win.

  • Get ranked first 50 times in the Multiplayer Seek n' Secure Mode


    Create a small map with the stations extremely close together and start the game alone with the lowest amount stations needed (3) and just capture them.

  • Get ranked first 300 times in all Multiplayer Game Modes


    Start your own game lobby with an auto launch timer on either Team Chaos or Chaos and just leave your 360 on. Make the game as short as can be and make sure that your controller will not turn off while you are not there and just leave it.

    Note: Check back now and then so you can switch the game types from Chaos to Team Chaos so as to get three achievements at once.

  • Play 80 hours in any of the Multiplayer Game Modes

    The online time is only counted if you are in a game. Create your own game with an auto-launch timer and leave your controller on for a total of 80 hours. Make sure that you do not make the time unlimited for it will never end, I suggest making the game 45 minutes long.

  • Accomplish 300 headshots in any Multiplayer Game Mode

    Do this with a group of friends and make a small map and have it so the desert eagle gun is on it and have them let you get headshots on them. Does not have to be all in the same game.

  • Accomplish 1000 Total Kills in any Multiplayer Game Mode

    Between the headshot achievement and others, you will receive this achievement soon after the other multiplayer ones. Alternatively, if you are only trying for this achievement you can create a small map with the predator power-up everywhere and go crazy killing your friends/anyone that joins.

  • Accomplish 10 multikills in any Multiplayer Game Mode

    Have some friends join and have them run into traps a couple of times, or whichever way you prefer to kill them, but I believe traps are the most amusing.

  • Accomplish 200 Kills with Grenades in any Multiplayer Game Mode


    Make a small map with the assault rifle gun with the grenade secondary fire. Only the grenades, the pipe bombs, and the secondary fire on the assault rifle count as explosive kills, Molotovs do NOT.

  • Accomplish 100 Kills by Road Kills in any Multiplayer Game Mode


    Create a small map that is a straight line and have walls encircling everything so people cannot run away and have one car on this map. Have some friends join and just keep going back and forth until you unlock this achievement.

  • Accomplish 150 Feral Punch kills in any Multiplayer Game Mode


    Create a small map with predator power-ups everywhere and invite some friends to join and have some fun. Feral Punch whilst a predator by pressing the B button.

  • Accomplish 100 Traps kills in any Multiplayer Game Mode


    Create a small map with trees everywhere and tell your friends to run into the branches.

    Story Tips-

    -Use the cheats for an easier time completing the story modes.

    -I advise you to complete the story first on rookie so as to get a feel for where everything is because on Predator difficulty there is not a map.

    -Pay attention and get the samples as you play so you do not have to play any extra times.

  • Finish the Instincts Story at Rookie difficulty level

    Must be done on rookie difficulty.

  • Finish the Expansion Story at Hunter difficulty level

    Must be done on hunter difficulty.

  • Finish the Instincts Story at Predator difficulty level

    Must be done on predator difficulty.

  • Finish the Instincts Story at all difficulty levels

    Evolution story mode is unlocked after you beat Instincts on any difficulty or if you use the cheat "GiveMeItAll".

  • Finish the Instincts Story at Rookie difficulty level

    Must be done on rookie.

  • Finish the Expansion Story at Hunter difficulty level

    Must be done on Hunter.

  • Finish the Expansion Story at Predator difficulty level

    Must be done on Predator.

  • Evolution Story completed at all difficulty levels

    Complete all levels of difficulty for the Evolution story mode.

  • Finish the Instincts Story and the Evolution Story

    You will receive this after completing both the Instincts story and the Evolution story on any difficulty level.

  • Finish the Instincts Story and the Evolution Story at all difficulty levels

    Finish the Evolution story and the Instincts story on all difficulty levels.

    Cheat Codes

    (Yes, cheat codes allow achievements to be unlocked.)

    Code: Bloodlust

    Enter code: Cheat Menu

    Effect: Infinite Feral Attack gauge

    Code: FeralAttack

    Enter code: Cheat Menu

    Effect: Feral Attack in early stages

    Code: ImJackCarver

    Enter code: Cheat Menu

    Effect: Restore Health

    ( this must be entered each time you are low on health )

    Code: GiveMeItAll

    Enter code: Cheat Menu

    Effect: Unlock the Evolution Story

    Code: GiveMeTheMaps

    Enter code: Cheat Menu

    Effect: Unlocks all Maps

    Code: UnleashHell

    Enter code: Cheat Menu

    Effect: Infinite Ammo

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