Master Skinner Achievement in Far Cry: New Dawn

  • Master Skinner



    Collect at least one skin from every type of animal in Hope County. Not creepy at all.

    How to unlock Master Skinner

    There is a total of twenty five animals in Far Cry: New Dawn. Technically there are more, but you only need these. Twenty of them are found on the open world and five of them are found in the various expeditions. Purchase all of the maps using ethanol so that you can go to the signaled locations on the map. Take note that you do NOT need to get the birds. This includes eagles, ducks, turkeys etc.

    Open World

    • Deer
    • Pronghorn
    • Rattlesnake (open world and expeditions)
    • Wild Dog
    • Elk
    • Caribou
    • Boar
    • Wolverine
    • Wolf
    • Demon Fish
    • Bull
    • Bison
    • Moose
    • Black Bear
    • Grizzly Bear
    • Cougar
    • Monstrous Bison
    • Monstrous Boar
    • Monstrous Bear
    • Monstrous Cougar


    • Skunk - Alacatraz (open the correct cell by punching or shooting the lock. Quickly kill the skunk before it runs away)
    • Hare - I.S.S. Crash Site (found in open world but more easily found in the expedition)
    • Cattle - H.M.S. MacCoubrey (check near the lighthouse)
    • Crocodile - Selene’s recruitment mission or Government Plane Wreck in the water)
    • Shark - H.M.S. MacCoubrey/Alcatraz (obviously in the water)

    Take note that for the expeditions, you must finish the expedition so that the skin will stay in your inventory and be saved. Once you skin the last animal, the achievement will be unlocked. For a video guide, check below.

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