-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 (If you remove the patch - way harder if not).
-Offline: 7/12 (80)
-Online: 5/12 (120
-Approximate amount of time to 2001-2 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 for Arcade and 2 quick matches.
-Missable achievements: Four
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No, you can play on easy.
-Unobtainable/glitched achievements: Yes! ("10 Wins," "50 Wins" and "THE KING OF FIGHTERS").

Fatal Fury Special is a classic fighting game and a quick completion if you remove the patch. It's a shame that the multiplayer part of the game can glitch.

There are three ways to finish the arcade mode:

  1. You can play legit and learn how to master the game and beat the Arcade mode without losing.
  2. Remove the patch and enter cheats to make you invincible. Press  +  +  +  at the same time to enter the cheat menu and choose the settings you like.
  3. Remove the patch and change the dip codes to unlock all 5 arcade mode achievements in under five minutes. Check this thread for more details.

The dip codes and the cheat menu are built in the game and this is not considered cheating. You can use this without getting banned or get your gamerscore reset. It's perfectly fine and legal to use it.

WARNING! Three of five multiplayer achievements can glitch and there is no way to prevent or resolve the issue. It is purely luck based whether you get the achievement or not. There are many ways to tackle the multiplayer part of the game but unfortunately no way leads to a 100% sure unlock.

You can play 100 legit mulitplayer matches or you can boost the achievements by letting the other player quit the match. You can quit the game as soon as the fighters walk in on the character selection screen. This will count as a win/loss.

You will most likely still need to unlock Mai's Folding Fans and Flying Kim Bonus. Check the Achievement Guide for more details.

Fatal Fury Special is a very easy and fast completion if you remove the patch. The game would be better if the achievements wouldn't glitch.

[XBA would like to thank VonThronstahl for the RoadMap]

Fatal Fury Special Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Defeat your opponent without sustaining any damage , in Arcade Game.

    I got this using Kim. I would do the cresent kick and while being crouched punch and kick them. Make the Computer come to and whenever they jump you also jump and kick them. Whenever we both did this I would always hit them and then do his bicycle kick which would make them fall down on the ground. The I backed up to make it happen again. If they are blocking throw them. The hardest person to do this on is Big Bear because if you get to close to him he will either Bear Hug you, pick you and throw you, or his side slam.
    If you need to know some big combos or attacks check out this thread
  • Complete the game , in Arcade Game. (OK to continue.)

    You can do this with controllers all the way up to the bosses. Just beat them and this will unlock after beating the 2nd Boss.

    Tips on beating Geese and Krauser from The Wicker Man:

    "They are wimps on easy. Jump kick in 2 strong hits and a slide attack. Keep the pressure on em"

  • Complete the game mode without losing and continues , in Arcade Game.

    You can't use 2 controllers for this. The best way to get this is master someone. I am really good with Kim and he has some great moves. When fighting wolfgang never get apart from him. He will do the fire ball attack for awhile. And Geese likes to jump to the back. Don't follow him unless you know you can hit him while going after him. If you don't go after him stay there and keep hitting .
  • Unlock Ryo Sakazaki by completing the game without losing , in Arcade Game.

    This has to be done with 1 controller and its very hard. You best bet is to practice with one guy and learn how the computer fights. They hardly ever rush you and when you jump they time their attack perfectly to hit you so you fly back. But when you do get close enough do you most powerful combo you know then back peddle. The timer will always get close 10 if you do it this way so you might have a chance to win when it hits 0 if you have the most health.
  • Acquire more than 400,000 points , in Arcade Game.

    If you are using a 2nd controller this will be very easy. After each fight you can 60,000 points, So have the 2nd controller stand still and you get will the 20,000 bonus points for perfect. After each fight it is over it will ask you to continue. Press start on the 2nd controller and pick someone whose face isn't grayed out. When I was playing this by myself I only had 180,000 by the time I was on my 7th fight. The easiest way is to just use the 2nd controller way.

  • Achieve 5 straight wins on Xbox Live.

    "See 10 Straight Wins"
  • Achieve 10 straight wins on Xbox Live.

    Setup a Private Match with 1 other friend. Make it 1 round and just beat them 10 times in a row. After the 10 fight the achievement will unlock and you can trade more wins or let them get the 10 in a row.
  • Achieve 10 wins on Xbox Live.

    See 100 Wins
  • Achieve 50 wins on Xbox Live.

    See 100 Wins
  • Achieve 100 wins on Xbox Live.

    Setup a Private Player Match to 1 Round. Each round could take about 20-30seconds including load time and picking a fighter. If you take turns winning each round it will work but I think it works best if you every 10 or 50.
  • This is a secret mission. You need to unlock it first.

    Finish the match with the remaining time as a multiple of 11. (Big Bear stage, in Arcade Game only)

    First you need to get to Big Bear Stage, then once on the stage its best to let him beat the crap outta you the first round because he blocks and runs away alot. But once the timer hits 46 or 35 move to get really close to him if you are almost dead he should slam you and it will unlock.

  • This is a secret mission. You need to unlock it first.

    Use Mai and lose when the number becomes 59 by adding the 1st & 2nd set of 2 digits from your score.

    Start Arcade mode as Mai, when you are picking someone to fight sign in another controller. Once the other controller is in kick its butt. You get 20,000 points for a perfect. When I got the achievement my score was 114802. You only need the 11+48=59. Just forget about the 02 because it's not needed. Once you hit 4 numbers that add up to 59 use your other controller and beat Mai, the person getting the achievement, and it will unlock as soon as you lose the round.

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