- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 12 [200]
- Online: 0 [0]
- Estimated time for 200: 10 hours
- Minimum playthroughs: 2
- Missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Cheats disable achievements: No Cheats.

Feeding Frenzy is as casual as they come. You eat, you grow, and then you eat bigger fish. Wash rinse and repeat, there's Feeding Frenzy. It is a great game for when you have nothing to do or for when you want to relax. The game does however involve a lot of grinding, so things can get tedious at a certain point. All around it's a decent game and for 400 points it's a great buy.

Step 1: First Playthrough
This is your "New Game" playthrough, from level 1 to 40. Along the way, it is best to try and unlock "Point Champion". You are required to obtain 300,000 points to unlock "Point Champion", which is going to take a full playthrough from level 1 to 40 without dying.

As a general rule, try to eat schools of fish, as the school bonuses you get are what are going to make or break the 300,000 point barrier. Starfish bubbles are always a plus. Tail Bites, in my opinion, are too risky to go for as lives are precious for pushing over 300,000 points on level 38. Pearls are fine, but as a general rule only go for them if you saw the shell open and you know you have time to grab the pearl without getting killed. If you have played well up to level 38, you should have plenty of lives stored up. From here, try to eat little fish until you are almost done with the level, then commit suicide in one way or another. Repeat until you pass the point barrier.

As you are still going to be new to the game at the time, you probably won't reach 300,000 points on your first try. Although there isn't any point in not trying. If you happen to fully die mid-game, you can simply start over on the level you died at with an empty upgrade meter. The only downside to this is that your points will be reset to 0. Because of this, you can unlock every champion achievement at a leisurely pace, dying as much as you want. If you die or don't reach the 300,000 point barrier by the end of your playthrough, stay persistent and keep trying until you do.

Step 2: Second Playthrough
It's time for your Time Attack playthrough (pun not intended.) In this mode, you have unlimited lives, with the added bonus of a clock that ends your game if it reaches 0. You have to start and level 1 and play to level 40. If you ever lose, you are forced to start over from the first level. The first few levels are the hardest, and are the ones you will most likely lose on. Once you reach round 20 or so, you should see your clock getting more and more time added on at the end of each level. You may even find yourself having minutes of spare time near the end of the game.

Time bubbles are your best friend. It is to your advantage to drop everything and go for them the moment they are seen. One bubble may not seems like much time, but if you collect an average of only 2 bubbles per level, that's 80 bubbles, which equals loads of extra time. Try to play it safe. Being reckless and boosting into the mouths of predators without seeing them will make you lose more often than moving slowly to grant yourself time to prepare for threats.

Step 3: Grinding:
This is by far the longest portion of the game. You are going to need to achieve 1,000 eaten sharks, coupled with 40,000 eaten fish of any type. It is best to start with the sharks, so that all of the fish you get along the way will contribute to the 40,000 total fish. Play level 38, and camp the 2 shells at the bottom of the map. Swim between them, eating any pearl that is safe. Avoid predators, and eat little fish when they swim by. Once you reach your 3rd size, try to avoid everything except for sharks. When you see a shark, eat it. If you are about to finish the level and have more than 2 lives left, suicide as fast as you can. You can die as many times as you want with your sharks still counting, as long as you finish the level. If you lose all of your lives and lose the level, none of your sharks will count.

Deep Water Dreams is the best level to boost your 40,000 fish once you finally finish off your sharks. This is the longest portion of the game, and will take hours of grinding. Try to do it in small portions so that you don't become completely bored of the game.

If you somehow don't have 1000 starfish bubbles eaten by this point, play the game a bit and try to eat a few more, as you should be close if you have done everything else already. You are border lining the 10 hour mark at this point if you haven't unlocked 10 Hours yet. A few more rounds is probably all it's going to take to unlock it.

[XBA would like to thank Blue Radium for this Roamap]

Feeding Frenzy Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Awarded for playing the game a total of 10 hours.

    There is not a fast way to get this one. You cannot get it by starting a game and hitting start. You have to spend 10 hours in the game levels. By the time you get all of the achievements, you should get this one.

  • Awarded for eating 1000 sharks.

    Final level does not add to total. Do level 37. Just fill up your meter until it's almost full then die and eat more sharks. As long as you have a continue, just keep on dying. Win you are down to one life beat the level. If you do not beat the level, then you do not get credit for the sharks eaten. When you beat the level, just end the game and do it again.

  • Awarded for earning 300,000 points.

    Start a new game at level one and play thought all 40 levels. Here are some tips that will help you. Eat lots of starfish as they give you points and you do not grow. Bite the tail of bigger fish and points will be added to your score. You get a bonus points if you eat all of the fish in a school. Get a feeding frenzy by eating fish quickly. When you frenzy meter is full you will get double points for each fish you eat. If you fill up the meter two times you will get a double frenzy bonus. When you have a double frenzy bonus, all the fish you eat are worth triple points. If you eat a 2x bonus bubble when you have a double frenzy you will get 6 times the original value of the fish. If you complete a level without dying a mermaid will come and drop starfish. You earn an extra life at 6,000 points, 12,000 points, and then every 12,000 points after that. If you get the level 40 and do not have 300,000 points, just keep dying. By doing this you will also get all of the champion achievements.

  • Awarded for earning highest rank "Frenzy Fanatic" in game.

    You have to get 9,000 points in the food bank to get it. After you complete a level you get to see how many fish you have in the food bank. For each fish you eat, you get one point in the food bank.

  • Awarded for completion of Time Attack mode.

    For the achievement you must complete time attack mode. In time attack mode you have unlimited continues, but you have a time limit. You must start at level one and beat all 40 levels in the time limit. If you beat a lever with time left over, the time is added to the next level. In this mode the fish you eat do not add to the food bank.

  • Awarded for completion of Orville the Orca levels.

    Orville is the last fish in the game. Get this achievement by beating levels 33-40 in the game.

  • Awarded for collection of 1000 Starfish Bubbles.

    Level 39 (second to last level) is a bonus level that only has starfish. Level 8 is also a bonus starfish level. When you beat the level, just end the game and do it again. Do this until you have eaten 1000 starfish. Another way to get a lot of starfish is by completing a level without dying. When you do this a mermaid will come and drop starfish bubbles.

  • Awarded for completion of J.D. (AKA John Dory) levels.

    J.D. is the fourth fish in the game. Get this achievement by beating levels 25-32 in the game.

  • Awarded for completion of Eddie the Angler Fish levels.

    Eddie is the third fish in the game. Get this achievement by beating levels 17-24 in the game.

  • Awarded for completion of Leon the Lion Fish levels.

    Leon is the seconded fish in the game. Get this achievement by beating levels 9-16 in the game.

  • Awarded for completion of Andy the Angel Fish levels.

    Andy is the first fish that you play as in the game. Get this achievement by beating the first 8 levels in the game.

  • Awarded for accumulating 40,000 points in the food bank.

    This is time consuming as you have to eat 40,000 fish. The fastest way to do this is to go to level 21. Eat all of the small fish in the level. You will not grow fast and will eat a lot of fish. When you are a bought to beat the level, die. As long as you still have continues keep dying. Win you are down to one life beat the level. If you do not beat the level, then you do not get points in the food bank. When you beat the level, just end the game and do it again. By doing this, I was able to get 800 points per try. Note that you do not get points in your food bank when you are playing time attack mode.

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