- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 11 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 50 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None if you stick to this Road Map
- Glitched achievements: Only as the description of some isn’t clear
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No!

I gave this a difficulty of 3 which is aimed towards any player wanting to get the achievements. The game can be done extremely easy thanks to just lowering the stats of all the players on a team, making them rubbish (more on it later).

This is a roadmap on how to get all the achievements for FIFA 07. First glance at the achievements might make you think "this will be quick" as you see there is just 11 achievements on the game, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Now I HIGHLY suggest you read this Road Map first before venturing off into the game to have fun as this is one of those games that has the type of achievements that can be missed or become unavoidable (people have said on the forums) when not following the required steps.

So in order to make this an easy process for you I will split up the Walkthrough into a few steps that will ease you through the game. This is because achievements can be tied in together to get them done quicker (such as playing though a season mode legit without simulating for Undefeated Manager, plus getting Undefeated and Winning Streak too). My aim is to get you to 1000 which will mean playing 300 games and that’s a hell of a lot of playing! So you can try and do the process the achievement guide says to make getting those few achievements quicker but in the long run it won’t help much towards getting 300 wins.

It’s worth mentioning that the only achievement people might struggle with is World XI Master as you will have to unlock the team before hand which will involve you playing through Challenge Mode (which is no easy task for a novice).

Finally you need to know how you can track your achievement progression in the game. This is done by pressing to bring up the Main Menu, My FIFA 07->FIFA 07 Profiles and then Profile Details. FIFA 07 Overview will be displayed and then by pressing and you will be able to see how many games you’ve won, how many times a Defender has won Man of the Match and how long your current winning streak is.

Step 1: Simulate for Undefeated Manager
This step doesn’t need to come first but it is worth 200 and can be done fast so it would be a nice start to the game for you getting 200 gamerscore so quickly. This is an achievement just like any other you may have seen in an EA Sports game where you have to play through a whole season without losing. The achievement guide says to play and in the process pick up other achievements; well I’m going to tell you differently as we will get them later. Go into Manager Mode and pick a team that is one of the best in the leagues and then start simulating. I didn’t need to buy any players or do anything tactical, just go straight into the season and save before every game and hope you win or draw your game. If you lose then your going to need to exit and load up again (may need to turn off auto-save).

After 30 minutes or so you should be done and the achievement will unlock. Nice and easy to start of the game.

NOTE: - It is essential for you to know that simulating matches does not help contribute to any of the other achievements. Check your FIFA 07 Profile and it will not say you have played any games so don’t worry if your team isn’t scoring an average of 4 goals per game, it won’t affect the "Goal Getter" achievement.

NOTE 2: - You will be playing on Semi-Pro difficulty the majority of the time with the only exceptions being when going for the "World XI Master" achievement and playing through Challenge Mode.

Step 2: Preparing for Step 3
What is there to prepare for in order to get to Step 3 you’re probably thinking right now? Well it’s this step that makes getting the achievements on this game so easy as I am now going to explain to you how to ruin 1 team and make their players stats awful. Doing this will make playing against them on Semi-Pro a doddle and making the achievements possible for even a novice football gamer. The team will be easier to play against on Professional difficulty than it will against a good team on Amateur, that’s how much this step helps.

So from the Main Menu go to My FIFA 07 -> Team Management -> Creation Zone -> Edit Player. Firstly you will need to pick on a team to put to shreds, I chose Queretaro from the Mexico Primera so that it wouldn’t hinder the enjoyment of the game if I played for fun later on. Now in reality making every player on the team horrible would be the best idea but unfortunately this process is very time consuming. What I did was make 5 to 6 players have an overall rating of 1 and then got so bored and went on to start getting the achievements. The team was still incredibly weak and I was able to keep winning on Semi-Pro without a problem but they would make substitutions at the 70th minute and bring off those players, making the team harder (still easy for me though). So you can do what I did if you are confident in your abilities on this game but otherwise I recommend you do stick out this process as much as possible as it WILL benefit you in the long run.

Once you have decided which players you will ruin (1 GK, 4 Defenders, 4 Midfielders and 2 Attackers is recommended) you need to progress to actually doing the dastardly deed. Click on the player and get to the Categories section by pressing and . Now click on each individual category (there’s 8) and start the process of moving each individual skill down to 1 (can’t go to 0). You will notice this becomes a long slow process but if you move left on the and on the D-Pad it will double the speed making it quicker. Also use your initiative when doing this, is it really worth bothering to lower a Strikers skill level in the Goalkeeping category?

Once done I  recommend editing the team’s formation to your advantage. I pushed all players to the right hand side of the field enabling me to run down the left wing when I played against them with the defenders not being in position to tackle me. Once done, you're all set to start getting the achievements.

NOTE: You could always improve the stats of your favourite team as this will benefit you too. I simply never bothered as it’s easy enough the way I suggested and plus I enjoyed playing with all the teams the game has to offer (got to do something to un-bore playing 300 games)

Step 3: The “number” Games Achievements
This Step will help you get the rest of the achievements except "World XI Master" and "300 Game Winner".

The only achievement you need to be weary of (you already know you have to win every game though) is the "Goal Getter" achievement which requires you to average 4 goals per game whilst remembering to play on Semi-Pro difficulty. A good way to get off to a head start on this achievement is to try and get "10 Goal Match Wonder" straight away. After playing this game for dozens of hours I was getting 12+ goals in 4 min per half match’s everytime but at the beginning it wasn’t so easy. So after that achievement is gotten (make the match length longer if it’s hard for you) you will start focusing on "Undefeated" and "Winning Streak" (whilst remembering "Goal Getter"). Keep playing against the team you made bad and ensure you are winning each game and scoring at least 4 on average (doesn’t matter if you concede at all). After 50 games "Undefeated" will unlock and hopefully "Goal Getter" too if you have managed to score 200+ goals at that point in time (remember to check your profile to see how many goals you’ve gotten). 10 more matches of this will get you "Winning Streak" and you should have also gotten "Fair Play Award" by now for not getting yellow cards.

NOTE: - From now onwards it doesn’t matter if you lose or draw a match. I always won mine (wanted 300 Win achievement) but there’s no more achievements with requirements stating you can’t lose so it shouldn’t be a problem.

This leaves you with the 3 "Man of the Match" achievements. I found that 90% of the time it was the players playing as strikers that got the award as they are the ones who score all the goals. After winning 60 in a row there is a good chance you will have already unlocked the MoM for the Strikers and your attention will now be on Midfielders and Defenders. The BIGGEST tip for these achievements is understanding that it is the players category of position that helps towards the achievement, not the position they are currently playing. Therefore I kept putting Rio Ferdinand (a defender) up front to score lots of goals so he could keep getting the Man of the Match award. As long as you have 2 of the position playing up front and you’re scoring lots of goals it should be done quickly.

Step 4: World XI Master
I will say this again, this is the achievement on the game that is hard and can’t be gotten easily. This is because you need to unlock the team in Challenge Mode and you can’t play against your deformed team. Go to Game Modes -> Challenge Mode and then to one of the destinations (you will notice lots are locked but they become unlocked as you play). Click on a challenge and you will see the criteria needed to complete it and the amount of points rewarded for doing so. Keep playing the challenges until you have 2000 points as you will then need to go to the Fan Shop (My FIFA 07 -> EA Sports Extras) and find the World XI team in the Extras category. Buy it.

Now go back to doing what you did previously but make sure you play as the World XI team and have changed the difficulty setting to Professional. It should still be easy if you made the team terrible as you are now one of the best teams in the game with ace players. Win 20 matches and achievement is unlocked.

Step 5: The Push for 300 Wins
By now I estimate you would have played 170 games and no more achievements left to get. This therefore means that all you need to do now is sit it out and continue with playing through the game in whatever difficulty or style you like. I will mention now briefly that playing online doesn’t help count towards the achievement (people have confirmed in the forums) so stay offline.

There’s no tips needed for how to get the achievement but I can suggest how to cope with boredom. I am a statistic freak so seeing how I could improve my Game Mode Progress became interesting to me. This is done in many ways such as winning a game with every team (I did) to winning the trophies in Manager Mode. Either way find something to keep you going; you need all the motivation you can get.

As I have said this game is not hard to do, just time consuming (only exception being "World XI Master"). Remember to not play online and don’t play for fun in the first 50 games as it will hinder your chances on getting the likes of "Goal Getter" and "Winning streak". And finally remember to go to Team Management and make a team really bad, it helps a lot.
[XBA would like to thank JJBDude for this Roadmap]


FIFA 07 Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 11 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Have a 60 game Winning Streak on Semi-Professional difficulty.

    See “Undefeated Manager”.

  • Score more than 10 Goals in a match on Semi-professional difficulty.

    Start a friendly match and play as a very good team (e.g. Real Madrid, Manchester United) against a really bad team (e.g. Mexican Premier League teams). Put the time of each half, to 10 minutes. Score 11 goals and then leave it to receive the achievement after the match. If you do not think you will get the goals needed, finish the match off anyway as it will count towards your 300 Game Winner achievement.

    An even easier way of doing this is to go into team managment on a Mexican team and then do a custom formation. Make the formation so there are no players in the centre of the pitch. You will find it so much easier, but setting the time limit higher also does the job.

  • Win 300 games in all competitions on any level difficulty.

    This achievement is the hardest on the game as it takes so long. I recommend focusing on the other achievements which will give you a boost for this achievement. The achievement does not have to be all on the same difficulty and will unlock once you have won 300 games.

    Only counts in single player. I think that's worth a mention for anyone hoping to play online or playing against friends for the achievement (I found out the hard way).

  • Win Man of Match for a Defender more than 50 times in Semi-professional difficulty.


    Genereal Man Of The Match Tips:
    Just put 10 players of that position on and obviously your goalkeeper. It doesnt matter if you have a defender up front, it will count has a defender MOTM and so on. (Vincent Kompany is a very good Defender to put up front, trust me he has good accuracy)

    For a defender to be Man of the Match, you need to put in some good tackles and maybe get a goal with a defender. The achievement will unlock after defenders have been Man of the Match 50 times.

    Note: This does not need to be the same defender 50 times and does not include your opposition getting man of the match with a defender.

  • Win Man of Match for a Midfielder more than 50 times in Semi-professional difficulty.


    For a midfielder to be Man of the Match, you need to put in some good tackles, get a good passing percentage and maybe get a goal with a midfielder. The achievement will unlock after midfielders have been Man of the Match 50 times.

    Note: This does not need to be the same midfielder 50 times and does not include your opposition getting man of the match with a midfielder.

  • Win Man of Match for a Striker more than 50 times in Semi-professional difficulty.


    For a striker to be Man of the Match, all you need to do is score a few goals with a striker. The achievement will unlock after strikers have been Man of the Match 50 times. You are very likely to unlock this achievement with the “Goal Getter” achievement.

    Note: This does not need to be the same striker 50 times and does not include your opposition getting man of the match with a striker.

  • Get an average of 4 goals per game over 50 game on Semi-Professional difficulty.


    This can be fairly hard if you don’t get many goals a game, but what I recommend is playing 10 minute matches every 5 games to get your goals per game average up.

  • Remain undefeated for 50 games in Semi-Professional difficulty.

    See “Undefeated Manager”.

  • Win 20 games with the World XI team on Professional difficulty.

    This achievement is simple enough but can take a while. To unlock the World XI Team, you must earn 2000 points in Challenge Mode. Once you have done this, go to the Fan Shop and buy the World XI. Then simply win 20 games on Professional with the World XI for the achievement.

  • 20 Games without a card being shown in Semi - Professional difficulty.

    This achievement is hard if you are quite a bad fouler so I recommend going onto a second season with any team and start a match and just leave it. You need to make sure to skip the half-time menus and keep repeating the process until you unlock the achievement. You will not need this season after.

  • Remain undefeated for 1 season in any league in Manager mode on any difficulty level.

    This achievement will unlock a minimum of two other achievements on the way if you follow what I say.

    Start a Manager Mode career, make sure every game has the difficulty setting of Semi-professional and that you save after every game. If you draw or lose a game, reset your XBOX 360. After 50 games, you will unlock the “Undefeated” achievements. After 60 games you will unlock the “Winning Streak” achievement, and once the career has finished and you’re unbeaten, you will unlock the “Undefeated Manager” achievement.

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