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    Select to Quit & forfeit 5 Xbox LIVE matches when losing


    By far the most pathetic achievement ever, a developer actually encouraging players to quit games if they losing. Thankfully for the members on here though it can be done just playing an unranked match with your friend, score an own goal and quit out. Stupid EA.

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  • Can anyone help me get this acheivement, none of my mates have FIFA so if anyone can help at all that would be great. Dont really wanna annoy people on live by quitting. SUCH A LAME ACHEIVEMENT!
  • I would love to help anyone gain this achievement my Xbox live name is Micah Roediger
  • Did this with my mate. Did not get the achievement!!
  • I Swagmeister I
  • I bet you would gain alot of enemies while unlocking this achievement
  • I bet you would gain 5 of them
  • This is just dumb...
  • This is a 'negative achievement' (notice it gains you no achievement points). It can be used to help other gamers check if their opponent has a habit of abandoning games, and therefore avoid them. It is not an achievement you want if you are looking for regular opponents on Xbox live - they will just not play with you! It has been created to discourage players from quiting a game if they are losing, but from the comments above, it appears to be having the opposite effect!
  • Conflicted about this kind of achievement. On the one hand, it's great to have this kind of 'badge' showing what kind of a player you are. On the other hand, it makes one pity the OCD completionists who feel the need to unlock it regardless of their playstyle.
  • Lol a lot of people are gonna shout at you while getting this acheivement
  • hey
  • this should be on fifa 13 . By Far !

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