It's in the Blood! Achievement in FIFA 11

  • It's in the Blood!



    Go from being a Player to the Manager (or Player Manager) in Career Mode

    How to unlock It's in the Blood!

    See "Established Keeper".

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  • can anyone let me know the age required to retire?
  • how do u do this hav u got 2 wait till the end of the season
  • anyone? I simmed a few seasons till david villa had to retire I was a 'legend'and stayed with barca and no option to manage...does it have to be with your pro??
  • I've done the same as you with a created player para, got to ledgend and had to retire but no option to manage, maybe you have to be with a low ranked team, as i doubt man utd would replace Ferguson with a managing newbie?
  • how do u get to be 'legend
  • to become legend you can edit a player make him 99 overall and sim 2 - 3 seasons and you will have it...I really wish I knew how to get this one I assume it will have to be with a lower rank team but it still makes no sense if we are infact a ''legend'' ahhh this achievement seemed so simple before release haha
  • What you have to do is: Go on 'Career Mode', go onto create player. Create a goalie (Oh btw you have to choose Sydney FC from Australia) and make all his attributes 99. Sim the first 1-3 seasons and at the end of one where it says 'Club Offers' scroll through them and one should say Player Manager or Manager. Hope I helped. The achievement pops when you click the offer. :)
  • usinf jayjay199's method, i have simmed 4 consecutive seasons, and have not been offered a player-manager or manager position by any club. I am a 99 overall goalie for syndey fc like you said, maybe it has to do with player age, the default age is 25 for those created players, surely a club would not offer a manager position to a 29 yr old player from an austrailian league. Im gonna keep on simming, tell me if u find out anything else, as will I.
  • Actually scratch that. I can confirm JayJay199's method. However I would like to add that it may take 5 simmed seasons
  • um.. why can't I sim my games?
  • i also created a overal 99 player but as a striker, i simmed 6 seasons and then was offerd manager spot! if u dont get ya 25G after 5/6 seasons sim a few more then it will pop!
  • it wont let me sim my games for some reason? help? i did overall 99 player for liverpool but it wont let me sim the games. did i do somin rong?
  • any difficulty?
  • Just got this achievement now completely by accident. I played two Seasons with Cardiff City as my pro (i didnt sim any matches) Got to the point of club legend and was offered a place as manager at the end of the second season
  • Just got this achievement today playing for Liverpool, got to Legend status and then played till the end of the season, then was offered the role of player-manager. I don't think it matters if you sim or not, not get to legend and finish the season, you should be offered it then. Now for the rest of the achievements
  • i am a legend but have not been offered to be manager, help?
  • I did this as a virtual pro goalkeeper in 3 years. Put his age as the lowest which is like 1970, then do 3 years then it will give you the option after the 3rd year is complete. I also played as LA galaxy as MSL year is shorter. Also the difficulty as on pro difficulty I think lol?
  • can anyone help me? if u become a player manager, can u still get the achievements for your player? thanks
  • i have done one full season as player manager.... was offered the chance to be player manager again or be manager or just a player. i picked to be a player manager again... anyone no if i can sim games and still get the chevos.
  • You have to go on calender. Go to the last game and click A (sim to date) do that for 7 seasons maximum and you will have it. Plu smake sure you check at the end of every season what offers you have. Took me 3 seasons with my virtual pro and I got a offer. I played for Perth Glory in the A league. Message me for any help.
  • I must have got really lucky, only had to sim two seasons then got the offer :P (and the achievement straight away)
  • I did 7 seasons with Lionel Messi at Sydney FC and didn't get it hahaha.
  • i made an italian striker for seattle sounders and i got this achievement along with "Folklore" after simming 2 seasons.....
  • i then got "Great Month!" the next season....
  • did it in estabished keeper
  • so you have to be a VP or created player to do this? i have been doing it with stevie g for about 5 years and i am at legend status but still no offer!! anyone know?
  • This is a pain in the ass!!!
  • Can you do this as a player manager, or just a player?
  • you can do it as a player manager to
  • Just to confirm that JayJay199 (Comment #7) actually works. I got after the 2nd simmed season. From a player to player manager and it popped up Thanks JayJay199 :D
  • Trying to do this one now with SydneyFC but it wont work, ive simulated season 4 times already and now im doing for the five time. Please help111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I simulated to the end of my seventh season with Sydney FC, at which point I was forced to retire without the option of signing with a team. Not once at the end of any of those seasons was I offered a manager position. Would it help if I don't play with Sydney all 7 years?
  • After a bit of research, If you use the create a GK on Sydney FC method, you must create the new player AFTER selecting your team for your career. That is to say, you can NOT use an already created player that you have put onto Sydney's roster. After choosing to enter a career as a player, create that GK with 99 stats. Unlocked when, after 2 seasons of simming, I accepted the offer to become player manager.

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