Look at me! Achievement in FIFA 11

  • Look at me!



    Download your Game Face from EA SPORTS™ Football World


    How to unlock Look at me!

    See "Founding Member" for help signing-in to the EA Sports website.

    To get this achievement you need to sign-in to the Game Face editor with the same account that is linked to your Gamertag, make a Game Face then download it on FIFA 11. Here is the link to the Game Face website: https://www.ea.com/uk/football/fifa/game-face

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  • ive had countless amount of problems getting this, did it with FIFA 10 fine, but when i go to the website it says i need to download unity player, so i do so, and even when its installed it keeps telling me to install it...stupid thing.
  • i can't get this to work, dono what i do wrong :(
  • This achievement is annoying can't download a persona help me plz
  • i had a hard time trying to get this as my internet connection kept cutting out every 2 mins so it took me ages to get it but i just got it :D
  • 25 points is way too many points for this bs i can't even do. playing as one team from every league = this. stupid EA
  • Got this within a few mins. You get asked to download unity player. However your antivirus might try and block the download, so allow it. Also made my browser very laggy. So I kinda feel sorry for those with a bad computer.
  • Why the hell do people put videos in, and then remove them?????
  • I get to the point of being asked to confirm downloading my game face yet when I accept it just sits on 0% nothing else happens???
  • #8 same here
  • Cant get this achievement anymore? Isn't working for me, it just sits at 0% on my xbox downloading game face screen.
  • cant get this anymore :( servers are shutdown

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