Picture Perfect Achievement in FIFA 11

  • Picture Perfect



    Upload a Screenshot to EA SPORTS™ Football World


    How to unlock Picture Perfect

    The quickest way to get these are to just score a goal in the arena then when the slow-mo replay is on, press to enter the replay menu. Close the help page that may show up then click the to take a picture. Save it to any slot and the Picture Perfect achievement will pop up after it's done saving. When that is done you can press on the replay menu to either save the video replay or upload the video replay. After the replay is done saving to a slot under either option the correponding achievement will pop up, "One to Remember" for saving to the replay theatre and "Eat my Goal" for uploading to EA Sports Football World.

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  • how do you get a screenshot? it wont let me :(
  • when in the areana.. score a goal then go on replay i think when it shows the replay.. -X button- .. then press Y button for screenshot
  • You need to have a Gold LIVE membership in order to do this, free accounts don't have the permission.
  • You need to be logged in to the EA servers, i guess? I have Gold Live membership, but i am not logged in to the EA servers
  • i have both ea server connection and live gold but my right stick icon is like darker instead of enlightened so seems I cant't >_
  • same here, its dark and im connected to everything...

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