Precision Tackler Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Precision Tackler



    Obtain a successful tackle percentage of 80% with a minimum of 5 tackles in a game

  • How to unlock Precision Tackler

    For this, you must have a tackle precision of at least 80%, meaning that 80% of your tackles must actually capture the ball/bring down an opponent. Also, you must have at least 5 tackles, so you can't do a single tackle correct and complete the match without tackling. This should come as you play Career mode or perhaps Ultimate Team, but if you're having serious trouble start a Friendlies Match and tackle your friend 5 times. Then complete the match.

  • how do you get this achievement ive been trying and can't get it!!
  • just play a friend get em to shoot at your defender all the time
  • ignore that was looking at wrong thing but yeah same thing just make sure every tackle you make is perfect and youll get it
  • I am finding it hard to get this one..
  • i found this easy, put it on a shot game, and go to controller settings and right at the bottom there is a defender setting, put that on legacy defending, and then defending is like it was in fifa 11 where you can just hold A, after that in a game just wait till they are running straight and hold a to make the tackle, after you have done 6 tackles, (1 extra incase you miss one) then just chill the rest of the game and dont do anymore tackles
  • this was easy for me
  • so it just has to be a defender tackle not anyone else?
  • The way I got this was by using my virtual pro in a ranked be a pro match and put him at defender.
  • i still cant get this im that bad at tackling! lol
  • #5 is pretty much right play a game with legacy defending and you should get it tackles are simple
  • For me, even with the "old" defense system it doesn't work... each time i took the ball from opponent even if he's comin straight to me, it counts as 1/2 tackles!!!! Any ideas?
  • Get free Microsoft points here sorry if I'm wasting your time but please just click the link and then close it will help me alot thanks
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  • still finding this one hard
  • i just dont seem to be able to get this achievement, i will make a clean tackle and i click on tackles won on the player stats and it says 1/2, 2/4 etc and i made 11 successful tackles with no achievement
  • Just play the game with 2 controllers (and 1 player) and with your account make the tackles! ;-) Should be no issue!
  • I managed to get this chevo first time I played this in HMV, got the game & now I can't get it for th life of me. It's one of the last few I need. Driving me mad..
  • dose this have to be with my VP?
  • anyone else struggling with this?
  • Yep also finding this tough - seems playing with a friend over a longish match should be the key. If anyone else needs, add me. Gamertag: Flippmo79.
  • I'm having the same problem as well, I've tried on both Legacy and Tactical defending but each time I successfully make a tackle the stats say 1/2 tackles. This is after I've only even pressed one button in the entire game. Any tips would be appreciated, this is driving me mad...
  • why is this so stupid! everytime i tackle it says i have tackled them but it sayd 1/2 so i did it again and it said 2/4?? WHY?? so if anyone wants somebody to do it with send me a message and we can both get it GT: Ellster69x
  • The most easiest Achievement. Just choose the "Legacy Defending" and hold the whole game RT+A. The player will run after the ball like a maniac.
  • Surprisingly, choosing 'Legacy Defending' and holding RT+A all game DOES work. Got it on my first try, Man U v Stanley and won 6-0 on amateur. :)
  • easy
  • i got this achievement without trying to get it
  • I Suck At Defending So It Is Really Hard!
  • Guys, please help me! I´ve just tried what it is posted here, even Legacy Defending with LT+A, what seems to have worked for some people, but I´m still getting counted 2 tackles when I only make 1!!!! It doesn't matter if I make it right or miss it, it just counts twice. Is there a way to fix this? thank you!
  • easy, friedly with legacy, try do count the time to tackle
  • just play a mate and smash him to bits
  • I am a horrible tackler in this game, I mostly end up with fouls and cards but I still got it. You need ONE PLAYER to do this NOT THE TEAM. I did it with Puyol from Barcelona. It popped at the end of the game and when I looked at the tackling stats, he was 6/7 and everyone else was a 1/5, 2/6 and so on.
  • pretty easy if you know what you're doing.

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