Megged Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Megged



    Successfully dribble the ball through a defender's legs

  • How to unlock Megged

    I wouldn't play matches for this achievement only, as it's rather hard to unlock it when going for it specifically. Some ways to get it are:

    - Shoot it through the legs and then pick it up again.
    - Run at top speed with a defender behind you, then suddenly turn around in the defender's direction (do this on amateur to decrease the chance of the defender taking the ball off you).
    - Get yourself surrounded by defenders and, like way 1, shoot and hope for the best.

    It seems this achievement is gained mostly by luck.

  • Finally made a new decent achievement for fifa.
  • can't wait to earn this really easy to do in the previous fifa games hope it's harder i love a challenge
  • How do you did this in FIFA 11?
  • I think it's pot luck while doing a trick, but for the first time in years it's a great a great achievement list.
  • a great* -_-
  • Its pronouced window.
  • OLE!
  • This is a class achievement! Can't wait to add to the nutmeg files ;)
  • @3: tbh it'd random. The easiest way is probably to knock on (by pushing the right stick) towards them and hoping for the best.
  • haha love this
  • i love the fifa 12 achievements they're like a cross between fifa 08 and 09 achievements plus extra achievements with fifa 11 gameplay with added features, looks immense!
  • yeh just knock on and will go through eventually.
  • this is rather hard lol. i nut megged a fair few before it unlocked it has to be a clean one or dont count lol
  • i got it from shooting through someones legs
  • @12 That's what she said :P Any tips on how to do this?
  • Nevermind, got it :)
  • #14 i did the same and got the achievement
  • I got it online with pure luck, while running with the ball surrounded by a bunch of players.
  • Got this with a bronze player on UT by shooting at goal and the ball passed through a defender's legs!
  • I got it by dumb luck. I tackled a rival, and when I recovered the ball and tried to go upfield with it, it went right through the legs. Achievement unlocked! =)
  • I got this by luck. I pressed the step in tackle and the ball when through the opposition's legs. Got the ball and then the achievement came up. Wasn't expecting the achievement tbh lol
  • I've done this a few times, but no achievement?
  • did it wid ma vp in career meggedd 3 people in a row wid 5 star skill
  • Used Ashley young. Just keep attempting skills and make sure it goes through their legs and you are first to touch and run away.
  • i've done it by scoring through a players legs, passing through a players legs and megging a player cleanly then going on to score!! still no achievement, maybe it'll come soon.
  • This cheevo is a fucking joke ,been actively trying since friday,have done 7 clean pegs No cheevo,Meet with all my mates today and they all managed through pot luck'Am i trying too hard or just pish?
  • just seems to pop up at random, i've got it now.
  • Just got this by playing normally, wasn't too long either maybe 10 minutes
  • #26 I'd chase another cheevo, this one seems quite random, and it'll no doubt pop at some point during the 50 hours cheevo if you're planning on going for the 1000.
  • was my first achiev :D
  • Wtf!!! This cheevo is shit hard!
  • glitched achievement :( Like #26, I have had millions of nutmegs and not had the achievement pop. Raging!
  • I got this through shooting through the keepers legs. It's definitely solid to get it by doing a proper meg though as I did 5 or 6 and it didn't pop.
  • unlocked first meg pity i can't play ultimate team online still...EA servers class
  • Got this playing kick off, barca vs accrington... was just having a mess about as servers were down, was messi, just passed it to villa, a defender intercepted (well attempted too), it went through his legs and got the achievement... Happy with that :)
  • Just like #14 I got the achivement by shooting through a defender and scoring
  • I got it by using a player with 5 star skill moves (messi :D) and used the chop. All you have to do is hold down LT+fake shot buttons then aim where you want to chop, easier if you run down the wing and try to chop in.
  • C.Ronlado, just run up to a opposing player, few skills, pop come the achievement
  • This was my first achievement. Pretty easy tbh. Run with ball then flick the right stick to knock the ball on thru the def legs...simples.
  • haha i got it doing a 360, through the legs, past the keeper Boom! GOAL!
  • Didnt know i done this until it popped up, i just walked into a player lol
  • my first achievement LOL
  • Did this with a shot on goal!!!!!
  • Did this with a shot on goal too ;-)
  • did this by using 2 controllers, 5star team vs half star team :)
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