Don't Blink Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Don't Blink



    Score within the first 5 minutes of a game in a game vs the CPU

  • How to unlock Don't Blink

    See Legendary. Since you changed the settings you'll easily score before the 5th minute. If you somehow do have trouble, just make the match time longer.

    Note: you must score before the 5th minute on the game clock, not 5th minute real time.

  • Doctor Who reference anyone? brilliant really.
  • I don't think it's a Doctor Who reference. It's just saying don't blink or you'll miss the goal because it's so quick.
  • true. maybe that's just the Whovian in me.
  • Amateur/semi-pro. Match length: 20min. 5-Star vs half-star team. Boom! Achievement unlocked!
  • The first thing i've cleared on fifa 12 ;)
  • FIFA 09 and FIFA 12 are practically the same game. -__-
  • amatuer, 20 mins, done ;)
  • this one is easy

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