Comeback Kid Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Comeback Kid



    Win after being down 3 goals in the 2nd half in a game vs. the CPU

  • How to unlock Comeback Kid

    You'll want to do this one along with 10 vs 11. Change the settings for your team only like you did for Legendary, and set the time on long enough to make sure you can get a red card. Start the match and make sure you get a red card. When you get it, make 3 own goals and let the 1st half finish. Then, in the second half, score at least 4 goals and win the game.

  • I find three a bit much, should've been two, but it's still perfectly possible on amateur (if allowed) or semi-pro.
  • I think it'll be from semi-pro and above, but i should be easy just choose a 5-star team and the other one a half star team, score 3 own goals and in the 2nd half, you're done!
  • this also doesnt specify a certain length minuet either so you could possible increase the length time so give you enough time to get back infront
  • lol unless you score own goals you aint getting this on amateur or semi pro (but it still counts)if you fail getting this first time round hang your heads
  • I'm having a lot of trouble with the achievements this year. Almost none of the are unlocking, even thou I do exactly what the achievement is asking for. I just got a player sent off, while my opponent was leading with 3 goals. Then i turned the match in the second half and win... Didnt unlock this one or the one that is 10v11.
  • @6 could be an achievement stacking issue? I missed out on achievements because they haven't stacked. I got a 90th minute goal to win against a higher ranked team on legendary but only the legendary cheev unlocked.
  • #7 that could be it! Didn't really think about that :) Thanks. I got the quick throw in achievement in the same match :D
  • Right, got this on AMATEUR, in exhibition 4 min halves, scored 3 own goals, got a player esent off, game back to win 7-6 (had a few mad moments). Got this and the 10 vs 11 achievement (despite having 9 men) and won it on Golden Goals.
  • Doesn't work in Ultimate team mode.
  • Easy achievement, just play as a 5 star team again someone who's 1 star on amateur.
  • @11 then, score 3 own goals, in the 2nd half score 4 or more in the correct net and bingo uve got an easy 15G TBH
  • Just beat Wimbledon 6-4 after scoring 4 own goals, then coming back in the 2nd half. FT and the Cheevo never popped. :'( Try again.

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