10 vs 11 Achievement in FIFA 12

  • 10 vs 11



    Win from a draw or behind while down a man in a game vs the CPU

  • How to unlock 10 vs 11

    See Comeback KidIf done correctly, you'll unlock this in the same match as Comeback Kid. If not, start another match, make sure you get a red card without getting ahead and then win the match.

  • this is easy because the game starts as a draw, so get a red card before you score and then win the game
  • 1. Booked a player and received a red card and finish the match with draw! 2. Went to the extra time and win the match. Cheevo should popup at the end of the match.
  • I got a red card. Won the game after beeing down 0-3. I got my player sent of while the other team was leading with 3 goals. After i won the game nothing popped up. The achievements in Fifa12 are really bugged this year. I've played the ball several times between my opponents legs, but haven't got that achievement either...
  • yeah this didn't pop for me either
  • what difficulty does ti ahve to be ?
  • @#5 I don't think the difficulty matters, it popped for me on amateur.
  • I can confirm that MNoRRis87s method works perfectly. Get a player sent off. Keep the game as a draw at full time. Go into extra time. Win the game. Enjoy the achievement. It doesnt matter what the settings are.
  • #7 - confirm his method works? why do you need to confirm it? Just put it on amateur get a player sent off asap (5 mins, rooney straight red for tackle from behind o yeah good ol rooney) and go on to win the game...why take it to extra time??
  • I got it. #2 is spot on.
  • WHY are you people on about taking it to extra time?!?!?! YOU DON'T NEED TO TAKE IT TO EXTRA TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i have tried from nil nil get a straight red card and win bye 1 nil by 90mins and no trophy and does anybody no what the other secret acchievement is ty
  • I got it to 2-0 to them, got a player sent off, went on to win the match 6-3 but no achievement. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? (If difficulty does matter I had it on legendary so it wont be because of that.) :/
  • im trying do this 1 n my players jus dont wanna get sent off lol help :(
  • its hard to get a red card :/
  • #14 I agree. I tried to do this and the comeback kid achievement at the same time but I couldn't get a red card no matter how hard I tried it was always just ignored or a yellow card. I remember in FIFA 09 I could get five red cards and forfeit the game in like thirty seconds bow it takes alot of work to foul these guys. Soccer players have fine soft. I eventually did get this though.
  • I meant "how" not "bow" and "gone" not "fine" -_-
  • Playing as Spurs... Got Adebayor sent off... 0-0 at the end of game..into extra time... Scored and WON the game 1-0 No Achievement To get a red card easily...instead of random ref pick a strict one instead got sent off straight away.
  • Done it..... Playing as Spurs...against Accrington Stanley on Amatuer Got Parker sent off in first half... After sending off scored and made it 1-0..then came half time.. Won the game 4-0 Achievement popped when looking at player ratings screen Like I said in my last post....To get a red card easily...instead of random ref pick a strict one instead got sent off straight away.
  • I got without knowing I had a player sent off since a penalty was awarded
  • Getting a player sent in Fifa 12 is a lot harder than Fifa 10 and previous versions, best opposition is to use the slider to make the computer have slow players or play against a friend that doesn't move his player
  • I went for this at same time as the other one said. Man Utd vs Galway. Went 3-0 down, got Rooney sent off haha. Got Megged without trying. Could I score past them? Could I hell. It's like the difficulty got cranked right up. Gonna try again now and see how I do.

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