Block Party Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Block Party



    Manually block 5 shots while defending in a single game

  • How to unlock Block Party

    To manually block one of your players must block a shot without you pressing a button to make him do so. Like Precision Tackler, this might come by just playing matches, but is also boostable with a friend, though it's harder to boost than Precision Tackler as you don't know if your player will block the shot.

  • Might be difficult. And it should of been called.. Bloc Party
  • yeh i agree
  • really easy way to get this one peeps, you and a buddy play a stupidly long game. when in control of the ball get near the half way line IN YOUR HALF. have your friend line there player (who you are controlling) bang in line of the bloke with the ball. AND BLAST AWAY! rinse and repeat 5 times and POP! Achievement unlocked! i got this being Spurs and Having a friend control Rooney and just spanner the ball at me. hope this helps
  • #4 Thanks it helped me
  • does it work with agoalkeeper
  • you have to be defending(final third LWB LB CB SW RB RWB)doesn't mean you can't stand on the goal line tho.
  • I used 2 controllers to get this achievement, i just keep booting the ball at player controlled by the other controller.
  • Any body knows another way to get this quick without two controller please ?
  • I hope this helps!
  • yeah, this achievement is harder that any other achievement in the world. If I put a strong vs weak team, the weak team players don't shoot. In reverse, the same... This achievement does not need any's made just for frustration and suicide...
  • just watched video, 5 mins later i had this. Play on world class against computer (they shoot more) when game stats put ultra attacking (right 2 times on d-pad) offside trap on. give ball to a defender and pass to the other. Press both LT & RT and run away from the ball. computer will pick it up and simply jocky them by pressing LT, they will score some, but i got 5 blocks before 30mins (in game time)
  • The most annoying Achievement i have even seen... So much work for just 10Gs...
  • this achievement is easy with two controllers, have the home team as the 1st controller and profile you want the achievement for, play as the away team with the 2nd controller and shoot just infront of the home player that has the cursor above his head, 9 times out of 10 he will try and block your shot on professional difficulty, the achievement unlocks the second the 5th block is completed and u can exit back to main menu
  • easiest way is, select be a pro:player Play as any 3 star team with a good defender, I suggest Barnsley and Rob Edwards Play against World X1 but edit there team tactics to shoot lots I also did this on a 4 minute length on legendary difficulty. When playing keep calling for the ball while playing there striker on side by quite a while, he'll intercept sometimes and be one on one with you and hopefully you shall block the shot. just stay about 2 yards is front of him. please note that result of match doesn't matter and even if it goes in off you it still counts so just try to get anythin on the ball, when it popped up for me it must have grazed the players leg because there was little or no change in the ball trajectory and flew in the back of the net. Happy Hunting
  • i did this with a friend online with manual settings
  • this is ridiculous! i tried with two controllers and it still won't happen for me
  • I genuinely can't get this, oh my god EA what are you doing, this is ridiculous, I always do the 1-5-4 formation and they either sweat it or shoot when i go to the other person, so much for not punching my wall...
  • Thanks #14 worked well :D
  • I must have blocked 20 shots with my 2nd controller shootng at my team and no achievement. Any certain difficulty, or restrictions??????????
  • is easy play a friend do nothing let him shoot give it to a pair players in a 4 minutes match

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