Century of Goals Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Century of Goals



    Score 100 goals in FIFA 12 match play

  • How to unlock Century of Goals

    For this you must score 100 goals in the first mode you play. Simply change the settings like you did for Legendary and it'll come in about 3 matches.

  • 45G seems bit much? not complaining tho
  • The higher the points total the higher the difficulty, in theory at least...
  • Just play the max amount of time in a match in ameatur mode using the best team against the worst if you want to get this as soon as possible....but whats the rush!
  • lads just becareful yeah half these achievments will have to be done in semi pro and even harder so dont wate time with ameatur mode
  • Just a matter of time, I guess.
  • I'll probably have this within two days. Not really a difficult achievement.
  • Why waste time going on amateur and scored 25 goals a game? We'll be playing it all year round anyway.
  • It don't seems too explicit for me... What exactly "match play" means? I don't what to think that it means offline by playing with the AI? Please, tell me that I'll be able to take this in online-ranked!!??
  • you dont want to be playing on amateur has it will take you ages to get xp for reaching level 5 acvhio you get like 200 xp per game you win at 38 0 on ledge
  • @ 4 youre wrong on this you get it on any level :)
  • I've never got you 'Fifa players' boost this and boost that. I always play on legendary & sometimes win about 7-0 and stuff - it's always been an easy game for me to play. Literally boosting for achievements is the saddest thing ever - defeats the point of an ACHIEVEMENT doesn't it ? it's not an achievement if you do it by boosting. Why are people ever good at it? I love it when I find someone actually good at the game to be honest - & if they beat me I'm happy that someone is good at it :/ BRING ON FIFA12 i say!
  • Everyone, just so you know. Match-Play is where one person controls on member of a team...its like a pro-ranked match except with actual footballers (Wayne Rooney, David Beckham) this is going to be very hard to get as most of the time people don't play the game right, everyone rushes for the ST position and they tackle there own team mates etc...will take time.
  • @11 ,galzy sometimes you have no option but to boost for achievement . Ie with games that no one plays .this in case you have missed it Is a achievement site where people want to get them as fast as possible. Also edit your bio on xbox "f***" is against the ms tos .if this is your Only account gal then you must be lieing about the 7-0 as the game is not even you played list
  • this achievement will work on amateur, my brother and me got this achievement in about two hours after i bought the game, my brother and i played a couple of games vs CPU and then we decided to go 20 minute amateur match and when we hit 70 goals in the match we got the cheevo. :) just some advice (:
  • This achievement is broken. I have 116 goals just in ultimate team and I've scored quite a lot in kick off, online and manager mode.
  • @liam: Ultimate Team will not count, as I have scored much more goals there, too. If you check your profile, you will see, how many goals counted towards this achievement.
  • I think it may be a 100 goals with one player,poped for me after ronney hit his 100th goal(I counted them)..
  • Its just score 100 goals simple as that!
  • scored 112 (says in my EA profile) yet still not got it?
  • 99.9 % sure now that this achievement does NOT work through ultimate team, can prove as i noticed i have more than 150 goals already.... lol believe maybe the career mode and kick off and etc?
  • @13 While boosting for one, this makes it NOT an achievement! Boosting on a game that isn't even out yet - yeah cause they can't be done : It's not on my list because I use to play Ps3 and only had xbox over a year! Then I went to Uni which is why my Gamerscore is poor, Summer will improve its. Also shhh fag, I write what I want on my profile!
  • I just got this in single player ultimate team
  • Would it be fair to say that since I nabbed the 20 goal achievement in career then it would be a good idea to go for this one in career as well.
  • Broken. Got 100 goals several times but no cheevo
  • Is this achievement broken now that the servers are down or can it still be done? And does the difficulty matters or can i play it on Amateur? I have 128 goals on my profile and no achievement.

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