All My Own Work Achievement in FIFA 12

  • All My Own Work



    Win a Match with Manual Controls (including Tactical Defending)

  • How to unlock All My Own Work

    At the main menu, go to Settings and select Controls. Go to Xbox 360 Controller and set everything to manual. This includes Tactical Defending and Analog Sprint. Now start up a match (I recommend playing on Amateur with a 5-star team against a 1/2-star team or any team rated low) and win it.

  • This must be done on Semi-pro or higher and analog sprint must be off, I forgot that one a few times and got a bit angry!
  • No it doesn't i did it on amatuer last night, i suck with tactical defending so didnt wanna put it any higher...popped up for me no problems
  • I play 2 matches with all to No and Analog but no achievement :(
  • 3 games but stil not get the achievement. I play on amateur and semi pro and win. Sliders of, All Manual,Analog Sprin Off But nothing :(
  • #4 Same here Doctor GR...Played also on pro and higher but noch cheevo popped up :/
  • Analogue Sprint needs to be turned ON for this to work.
  • I put Analogue Sprint to ON but nothing. Can u tell me the settings that you have? Me i tried with these: Auto Switching : Manual Auto Switching Move Assistacne : Low Passing Power Assistance : Off Pass Asistance: Manual Through Pass Asistance:Manual Shot Assistance:Manual Cros Assistance:Manual Lob Pass Assistance:Manual Save Assistance : Manual Analogue Sprint : On Defending: Tactical What it is wrong?
  • Yeah this one for me is totally stumpin me too, i have all the settings on manual and i have tried analog sprint off and on and neither has given me the cheevo, ugh what do i do?>
  • It is glitchy. If you see the guide of achievements, with the 16 easy achievements, in the video tell about these achievement. I follow all the instrunctions but again nothing..
  • for the ingame settings, both 'user game customisation' and 'CPU game customisation' need to be restored to default by pressing 'Y'. then your controller settings need to be... Manual none off manual manual manual manual manual manual on tactical defending. I hope you find this useful because i was struggling until i restored the user and CPU customisation to default.
  • MasterMarney, thanks! i try it and finaly got it!
  • looking to get this achievement for ages. thanks to MasterMarney for the help. worked out perfectly
  • i got this easy by following what MasterMarney said but i turned CPU game customization all down and user game customization up
  • Can confirm Robbie's right. You don't need to change the cpu/user game customization sliders. Just set controller options as MasterMarney said. The one that usually catches everyone according to other forums is that Analogue sprint must be ON.
  • I'm confused is analog sprint turnd on or off
  • Thanks #10 it works on amateur level! ;-)
  • Thank you MasterMarney
  • Thanks so much MasterMarney
  • This is retarded beyond belief. They dont pass where you aim and miss the net by 50 feet and your players jog around like they lost there way home. Its stupid and anyone who can legit play like this, then hats off to you
  • I just got this one...Won 4-0...I was drunk while doing it if that helps...
  • #10 Thank you! Turned out I hadn't set CPU customisation to default... Anger is gone :)
  • Thanks #10, make sure Analog Sprint is switched ON and difficulty can be Amateur.
  • That did not work for me #10 do u need it on a curtain difficulty.
  • Hahahhaha yeah #19 it was really difficult even on amateur! but i ended up winning 1-0 finally Barcelona vs. Accrington using all of the settings #10 said and I had it on Amateur.

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