Warrior Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Warrior



    Score a goal after suffering a non-contact injury with a player

  • How to unlock Warrior

    It seems there are two ways to get this;

    - Your player must suffer a slight injury caused by a defender, and keep moving. After the defender attacks you, you must score.
    - Your player must suffer an injury by, for example, exhaustion. While running, your player must grab his leg in pain and stop walking. When he starts moving again, score with him.

  • I would imaging the best way to get this,is by playing someone who's stamina is very low from the begining of a match in Career mode or Ultimate Team. He should wear him self out and injure himself in the process and then score with him if you can...easy!
  • ^you're right, but just waiting for your striker to get a knock and then putting everything at work to score with him will do the trick.
  • #2 He cant get a knock, he needs to pull a muscle running or something.
  • This is a random one I think - Not sure this is going to be an easy one, could be a bit boring to be honest with you :(
  • Basically i know how to get it even though it ent got it myself! I have started a Aston Villa Career mode and Marc albrighton had hardly any energy and he kept getting the ball and running and then stop because he was hurt then over he's number which on mine is 7 the is the injury sign [x] And well i ran with him and i hit the post :'(. So i nearly did it but im 100% sure you just have to get a tired player so he gets injured then run and score with him :). So there you go :D
  • Best method is to change user settings to 100 for injury frequency and 100 injury severity, I played as Brazil and as soon as you sprint the player pulls a muscle, or in my case 2 of them went off with injuries, but eventually Marcelo pulled his hamstring and I made him score a goal.
  • Just confirming that a goal in a penalty shootout counts. I got this by accident yesterday. Way I got it was playing as my Virtual Pro in a Clubs cup game (as midfielder if that helps with the running). We went to extra time where my stamina was very low and I ended up pulling a hamstring. Game went to penalty shootout, I scored, and the achievement popped up.
  • I was playing ultimate team a few days back, scored a goal and it popped up, didnt even know the player was injured lol seems to be pot luck really as to whether your player gets injured...i did find the sliders yday in the game settings - you change change the injury frequency to 100 so your players (or theirs) get injured more regulary, playing around with it their players were falling down left right and centre, it went to a drop ball as their player was injured, they kicked the ball back to me and twice the player kicked the ball back to me fell down injured, was like wtf!! but anyway u can also change the severity...so mayb put your frequency high but the severity low? that way your players get slight injurys often and try to score? not tried it so don't know if it'll work but worth a
  • Easiest way to get a lot of achievements in this game is to go into kick off mode and select a good team such as barcelona and play against a weaker team like accrington. Before playing the match go into setting and press on the left trigger. this brings you to the CPU's settings. Make their shot and pass error bars all the way up and the acceleration and sprint speed right down. Press left trigger again and play with your settings. by putting your sprint speef and acceleration right up you will quickly lose energy and gain an injury (injury frequency can also be altered, which is helpful for this particular achievement). If yur shot speed is right up and shot error is right down then you should be able to score on any difficulty from half way 90% of the time.
  • My VP gets a non contact injury every game it seems, so picked this up fairly easily xD... really sick of getting injured every game, but at least something positive came of it lol :)
  • If you have a player who already has the injury let him shoot in a penalty shootout and if he scores you still get it!
  • I stumbled on this one by accident. I was using my VP (as a striker - at Tranmere Rovers). I sprinted for a lob through ball and my player 'over did it' and caused himself an injury but he walked it off, then scored a header. The Chevvy popped up. I'm sure this will work: Play you VP every game (career)...don't rest him. Do a few through balls for your VP to SPRINT, he should cause himself a little non contact injury, which he'll walk off. When that has happened you must then score with you VP and job's a good'un *BLUMB* 20G
  • Another way to get a non contact injury without your player being so knackered he can't run is if you play career mode you'll get a fair few players who land awkwardly from headers and get usually a sprained ankle. This counts as a non contact injury and it's easier to score as your player won't have like zero stamina left.
  • jus go onto user customisation and put player injury frequency to 99 and shot power to 99, eventually someone will pull up and when he carries on jus shoot from anywhere in the oppenents half and 99 times out of a 100 it will go in. hope this helps
  • I got this achievement on ultimate team which I think may be easiest as if you use the same player many times, their Stan gets low, so then I had a low Stam player shoot with pretty much the whole bar from up close, scored the goal. And then after he should have an injury with his leg or some sort like that. Good luck!
  • I didn't have to do anything, i got it naturally :D
  • Got this while trying to do the Bicycle Kick achievement. Didn't realise until it popped up.
  • Just got it with Jobi McAnuff with Reading vs Leicester. :P
  • #7 works fine!
  • did this by mistake.
  • I haven't done this yet but i thought that maybe injury frequency set to 100 and injury severity set to 0 that way they'll get hurt but not sent off like in #7's case.
  • Used #7 with Machester United, got it first attempt within 3 ingame minutes with Rooney :D Easy to do.

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