Quickly Now! Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Quickly Now!



    Score shortly after a quick throw-in

  • How to unlock Quickly Now!

    First you must earn a quick throw-in in a match. If the opponent kicks the ball out but it's close to the line your player will pick it up fast for you to immediately throw in. Now quickly get to the goal and score. You must score within at least 10 seconds, not sure how much exactly.

  • Nice to see EA were listening to people who complained about Fifa's past achievements being always the same as the previous. I wonder what the time limit is after the throw in?
  • Best way for this seems to throw a long ball to a player in the box, then passing to a player who is located in the centre of the box, who then quickly has to shoot so that the defenders can't block the shot. Should come after time.
  • its a quick throw and something like 8 or 10 secs after the throw my m8 got it i haavnt yet but only because its not given quick throwing yet
  • No, if you look at the in game manual (I was just glancing), it has a little info on the quick throw in. Its when they pick the ball up as soon as it goes out of bounds without going to the loading screen thing. They get the ball right away and then throw in. I don't know how long you have to score after said throw in, but you can only get this if they go grab the ball to throw right away.
  • this proving to be a pain in the arse
  • heres a vid of mine, taken from my media on ea sports got the achievement while celebrating.. http://www.ea.com/soccer/videos/ugc/96006790
  • got it after opposition took quick throw in tackled a player then shot and got the acievement :) bit lucky tbf
  • This isn't working for me done it 3 times and not unlocked :( don't know why.
  • #6 darn u, i did one beautifully i threw the ball in and my player scored on a bicycle kick asap and i got the bicycle kick achievement but not this one and ive done this at least 5 times nothing popped up!!! whats ur secret lol
  • I think you must have to throw the ball into the net for this because Ive done this so many times and nothing has popped up!
  • easy way of getting a quick throw in - run the ball down the line (don't get too close to the line or they'll kick it beyond the sides and u wnt get a quick throw in), when a defender comes near u run into him, 9/10 they'll knocked the ball out of play and if you run to the ball you'll got a quick throw in, then just throw it to a player, run to the edge of the box and curl it in - should only take 5 seconds to do it - popped up for me 1st time, though I have had alot of attempts, hit the post so many times its stupid but play the game and it'll come sooner or later
  • Idk about this one, i try it and score but nothing! and im sure it was under 4 seconds! :/
  • Easiest way to do this is multiplayer jus get your mate to knock it out.
  • haha. just got this by stealing and shooting the other team's quick throw in
  • this is pretty easy to do
  • You can take Stoke city.They have Rory Delap,he can throw the ball to amazing distance if you press and hold the X button.It worked on fifa 11 and 10 I remember..
  • Took some time. Easiest way is to play on amateur and make sure your opponent does the ball over the line. Quickly now! Throw the ball in and walk the ball into the net
  • Aye, still quite buggy for me tbh. Thought sure I got it as I scored after about 3 secs after taking a throw in. But don't think it was a 'quick throw in' so that could be the issue. :-(
  • Dont you hate the way on xbox dashboard when you look at your friends games they are playing it always says fifa soccer 2012. It should and always say fifa football 2012 cause it's not soccer it is football!!!!!!!!!
  • stupid achievement
  • ok to clarify how to get this. it won't work from just throwing the ball in quick, if you notice sometimes the ball barely goes out and the CPU player dashes and grabs the ball and throws it in. that's when it counts. i was having trouble thinking it could be from just throwing it in quick and scoring right away. i did it about 8 secs after the quick throw in. just make sure when the ball gets thrown out there is not break (as the screen changing and a guy already standing with the ball in his hands), the throw in has to be right after the goes out. hope that helps for anyone still trying to get this
  • This is a pain
  • Video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0beOHCUi4g
  • @23, Thanks.
  • This cheevo can be done with 2 controllers, just kick the ball over the line with one controller and quick throw with other and shoot for a goal :) Just popped for me

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