EAS FC Youth Academy Achievement in FIFA 12

  • EAS FC Youth Academy



    Reach level 5 in the EA SPORTS Football Club

  • How to unlock EAS FC Youth Academy

    This will come by playing the game. Anything you do (playing matches, completing VP Accomplishments, starting up the game, completing challenges) will earn you XP. You need 5000XP for level 5.

  • What is the EA SPORTS Football Club? Anybody have any details on this?
  • Pro Clubs?
  • @1 + 2 maybe this will help http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKcERxU-EHI :)
  • I don't think this is pro clubs, but I have no idea mysel
  • its a new thing theyve added to FIFA where you get xp from games in any game mode and level up so you can see whos the best at FIFA it looks decent
  • does anyone know if u get anything for leveling up, or is it just to see whos the best?
  • I got this by leveling up. I'd just got the "All My Own Work" Achievement & then went to the dashboard to i could delete the settings as there is no return to default option. When i loaded the game back up the Achievement popped up.

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