EAS FC Starting 11 Achievement in FIFA 12

  • EAS FC Starting 11



    Reach level 20 in the EA SPORTS Football Club

  • How to unlock EAS FC Starting 11

    Same as EAS FC Youth Academy, but for this one you need 48,691XP.

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  • No.
  • =)))))))))))
  • @ only bein able to get 2000 xp per day (2600 on days when you do a challenges) its going to take some fair bit of time i had the game just before release and only 13
  • if you wanna get full xp grab a friend and do 2min online friendlies.
  • 15 now! :-)
  • 18
  • Getting this tonight, after they reset the XP.
  • Done :D
  • Level 22 :)
  • lEVEL 17, NOW!!!! READY FOR LEVEL 20!!!
  • I'm only level 15 :(
  • WTF there are a lot of glitched cheevos, i´m level 10 and i have this cheevo, i also got the achiev of 100 packs in UT just the first time i played that game mode and opened mi first pack lol
  • 18 slowly but surely getting there
  • i nned more fifa pals and forza 4 pals, ive decided....
  • I'm level 14
  • Level 15 now
  • #13 - stop talking utter crap. It's impossible. Stop trying to look 'cool'. I'm Level 18 now. Level 21 on my old account, so easy to get it.
  • i'll be doing this whilst fifa 13 is released no doubt lol
  • Does anyone know why during some career mode games you earn xp and others you dont
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  • Damnit! So close with so few days to go until FIFA 13 and I've got an EAS FC Error so it isn't adding my EXP :(

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