Challenge Accepted Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Challenge Accepted



    Complete an EA SPORTS Football Club Game Scenario Challenge

  • How to unlock Challenge Accepted

    At the main menu, press  and go to Challenges. Select the one available at the moment and complete the objective. You cannot change the length or the difficulty and these challenges are somewhat challenging.

  • EA really loves Barney Stinson... Challenge Accepted und Legendary Achievement
  • aint this like fifa 08 or 09 ???
  • Hoping for a good mix between easy and hard scenarios.
  • first up it aint like 08 or 09 sjust sounds same first one is man utd vs chelsea ad you down 3-1 @ 48mins on clock you need a draw or win to get this after that no more till they go world wild am thinking
  • do you need to have xbox live for this achievement?
  • @7 Yeh @6 Press Back when your on the start screen
  • I think this changes doesn't it? My 1st challenge was playing as LA Galaxy and coming back from 2-0 down with 10 minutes left - started with a David beckham free kick...but at the start there was a finish time so looks like the challenges rotate or change regulary :) sounds cool
  • they change every 3 days or round about and a easy source of XP :D
  • I keep getting the "No Challenge Available Today" screen and this has been for the past week and a half? Help please.
  • @11 Same here mate
  • They have ended due to release of FIFA 13
  • So I am now unable to get this achievement? GREAT!
  • It is ridiculous they don't leave some kind of basic challenge to do even if they are not going to update it anymore so people can get an achievement Another reason I won't bother with FIFA13 I think!
  • the achievement is now possible EA have put a Germany V Austria challenge up :)
  • That challenge is no longer up. Shame. I wanted to get a few of the easy achievements done.
  • Hi does anyone know if they are going to create any new challenges? Otherwise no one will be able to get this achievement. Thanks

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