Path to the Cup Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Path to the Cup



    Win a cup game in Head to Head Seasons

  • How to unlock Path to the Cup

    This the the same as 3 Points, but now you must win a cup game without your opponent quitting. Note that cup games are not always available.

  • any ideas how many times you need to be promoted to get into a cup game and what is the cup game all about will i play another person for the win and chevo thanks to anyone who can help me out with this info.
  • No 1 will know until it comes out mate.
  • Ravingeddie is my gamer tag, i'm not good but hopefully someone will help me get some of the online unlocks, looking for someone whom isnt shit hot and wants game and not to batter me
  • you cant boost online games like fifa 11
  • There would be one achievement to stop me getting the 1000 :/
  • oh i though u had to win the cup my bad
  • i was winning a game and fella quit on me and i didnt get it, only game i was winning in cup mode aswell, gutted big time... (sadly this can t be played with against a friend)
  • @ Ravingeddie I'm not that great a FIFA too but I'll send you a friend request if you want to boost each others achivements and have a laugh too online.
  • @ raving eddie - not too great myself. will certainly help with any fifa achievements if u want to help me with this one - my tag is trickiestdan81 - cheers
  • sorry if I'm wasting your time but please click the link then close I really need 5 more people so I can get 1200 microsoft points
  • If you play Fifa and you are not able to win an online game then you should probably sell the game to someone who is capable. What is that? "I suck at fifa but I want that achievement please please please"??? Are you that low? Do you play the games only but only for achievements? It's a poor online game that you need to win for that stupid achievement what's so hard? Realy...
  • You're probably the ones which ruin my game everytime when I play online and you quit over and over again... I'm mad and frustrated about that. And yes, complaining is free so shut up!
  • hate it when people quit when your ahead -_-
  • Nothing worse than people quiting when your ahead i sat and took a hammering one day off some fela ended 7-2 few games later i was against same person i was using different team 3-0 up after 25 mins and he quit i was so close to goin on a killing spree that day its so annoying especially after i sat through him humiliating me
  • #3 + #8 Im Not To Good Either My Gamertag Is Coopswesthull13 Im Only In Div9 :P And I Lose A lot!
  • I really need an online pass, and would highly appreciate if someone could donate one to me!? :D
  • Getting slightly annoyed with this achievement, anytime I take any kind of lead, the other player rage quits!
  • Hope another challenge pops up. Will check daily for this.

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