3 Points Achievement in FIFA 12

  • 3 Points



    Win a season game in Head to Head Seasons

  • How to unlock 3 Points

    At the main menu, go to Xbox LIVE and select Head to Head Seasons. Then select Season game. You will be pitted against someone of the same division and the same star level (you won't play against FC Utrecht from the Dutch Eredivisie when you're using Man. Utd). Choose a team you're good with. To unlock this, you must win the match, and the match has to be played from start to end. If you're ahead and your opponent quits you will get 3 points, but no achievement.

    Note: people usually quit when they're losing beyond hope. Getting too far ahead of them will increase the chance of them quitting. Either keep the difference low or try to keep possession for as long as possible.

    Note #2: this achievement, Path to the Cup and Campaign Complete are the only ones that really require some skill. There's many different playstyles out there, and you need to figure out how to play as well. These three playstyles seem to be popular:

    - Rusher Style. These players rush on you like mad to get the ball. Stay calm against them or they'll take the ball
    - Barca Style. These players play like Barcelona; pass a lot and wait until they can give the final pass and score. Since they pass alot, it may be hard to get the ball. The Rusher Style appears to work best against them.
    - Waiting Style. These players have a lot of patience. Instead of immediately attacking the player with the ball, they wait to see what you do. These players don't give away too much space, so try to beat them with sprinting/crosses.

  • Has anybody unlocked this as it's not unlocking for me????
  • Same here, and I won my first game... after that servers started to act shitty and got kicked off every game.
  • If you have trouble defeating random online opponents you can easily do this with a friend online. Pick both a 1-star team, make sure it is in the same division else the game won't find an opponent online. To make it easier just pick the same 1-star team and press the 'search' button both at the same time. Because most players are playing with 3+star teams online there is a big chance you will end up playing against your friend. Win the game and the achievement will be yours. It worked for me!
  • Out of 4 games played i have 3 wins and a draw, not bad for a noob. Anyway they all quit out and i still haven't got it yet, this is quite frustrating.
  • just got it need to win and finish the game to get it pretty annoying when every1 quits :(

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