New Club in Town Achievement in FIFA 12

  • New Club in Town



    Create your FIFA 12 Ultimate Team club

  • How to unlock New Club in Town

    Very easy to do. Go to Ultimate Team at the main menu and you'll be asked to make a team name and an abbreviation. Do this, continue and it'll unlock.

  • ...but will it work if you have a team from an earlier version? Luckily I don't, but I got burned by Madden 12.
  • This might seem like a stupid question if i missed something, but since we can go on the fifa website a few days early and start our ultimate team, does that mean we still get the cheevo on the game?
  • if u create your ultimate team on the internet before the release date i think when the game come's out and u transfer your team u should get the 5g add me pls deano beano 21
  • @2 you bein able to get free gifts for this all week how you only just found this out i dont know but its simple sign in with xbox just have to have played fut before the 28 th aug on fifa 11
  • I built my new squad on the Web App before I got the game and it popped for me as soon as I launched UT in the game
  • has anybody else had issues with FUT??? Whenb i played it and went back to normal fifa 12 gameplay all the names were messed up. Had to reset my teams to get it back to normal
  • i have ramos,kaka,puyol,for anyone that wants to trade for a player of 86 or higher contact gamertag: archangel162
  • If anyone wants this achievement fast i have a bunch of gold and black cards for trade, willing to give my whole team away which is over 85,000,000p.s i have the achievement, selling for 1600 microsoft points...message my gt: archangel162 for talks of a sale
  • I got this achievement when I was hacked. Not I can never get rid of it.

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