Tournament Victory Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Tournament Victory



    Win a tournament in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team

  • How to unlock Tournament Victory

    Nothing hard either. At the UT menu, select ''Play Match'' and then ''Tournament''. Choose any tournament and win it to unlock this achievement.

  • I'm new to the FIFA series, does this have to be an online tournament against other people?
  • A single player tournament should count - it did for the achievement in FIFA 10
  • Ultimate Team again, oh noes.
  • Just to confirm, 'single player tournaments' will unlock this achievement
  • Just do a single player amateur tournament.
  • yep, i did the 'Bronze Nationals' single player, difficultly amateur and i won the final 9-1 and it unlocked. Just do the same and it should be fine. BTW, the limit for the games are 2* star squad, although less counts
  • So how do you participate in a single player UT tournament an unlock this achievement? Sorry, I'm confused! :L
  • Just do one of the lower class tournaments and it should be pretty easy.

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