Marquee Signing Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Marquee Signing



    Purchase a Gold Player from the trade market for 15,000 or more coins using Buy now

  • How to unlock Marquee Signing

    For this you need 15,000 coins or a friend with 15,000 coins. If you have 15k yourself just buy a Gold player which you want for at least 15k coins. If you don't have it but a friend does, put a Gold player up for sale with a Buy Now price of at least 15,000. Let your friend buy him and then let your friend put him back on the market for 15k again for you to buy. Now you buy him. Achievement unlocked.

  • Don't like buying players of the market prefer the surprise of opening packs and 15,000 coins is a bit steep.
  • #1 If you don't want to lose 15k, get your friend to put up a bronze card with 15k BIN, you buy it, then you put up a card for 15k BIN, your friend buys it then you both get the achievement without losing any coins :)
  • @#1 are serious, you rather lose money on a pack that guarantee you to get shit player? @2 you are forgetting about uncle sam right? you dont get 15k when you sell something for 15k, and you have to buy a gold player not bronze.
  • #3 as long as you buy gold packs you wont get shit players and depending on the one you buy you have 1 or 3 chances at getting a card you can sell on the market for enough to rebuy a gold pack
  • Yeah i meant gold player. And it'll only take 150 coins off 15k
  • i meant 1500 :P
  • Dont have 15k coins, but I have enough gold players to sell. Just buy my player and I will buy it back. GT: diborulezzz
  • what does it mean when the card is a black card, is thata team of the wk player, or are they worth more etc or what.....
  • the black cards are the "in form" players on the team of week they are boosted slightly
  • Someone down to buy a player for 15,000 and let me pay it back? Not going to mess around!
  • #10 i will just add me and let me know :) ToNADo12
  • Since I don't have 15k coins could one of you guys buy mine first then ill buy it straight back no messing around, im even prepared to record it for proof as i want the achievment so bad
  • @2 it has to be gold
  • anyone still up for doing ach i havent got 15,000 but ill happily buy player straight back ive already been ripped off before so i want someone legit this time send me a mesage gt: welshboy94
  • @Welshboy94, do you still need this? I need it as well. I would like to sell a 15,000 player and then buy one back. So send me a message when you are online and we can get this done. GT: Safford231
  • i dont have 15k coins so was wondering if anyone would buy my player and then ill buy hime back? please GT : Foxmister
  • if anyone is willing to give me a player they have that is a 85 or higher and have a copy i will appreciated... send me a message gt: archangel162
  • Hey guys, does anyone know if buying a gold player from the UT web app for 15,000+ coins count towards the achievement for my account? Cuz my cable got owned recently and i cant get on live, and i just found a really good deal, so i was just wondering if it would count next time i went online on my xbox. Thanks
  • could someone help me with this ., add me
  • could someone help me add me
  • This achievement, is hard... I earned 20,000 coins then I bought a Inform Pepe for 15,250! DEAL!
  • Can any1 help with this I don't have 15k so If someone can buy my player ill buy him back no cheaters please. I'm totally ligit on playing games and things so please msg maverick319
  • dont have 15k :( so looking for someone to buy a player off me and then i will buy him back please help GT: iTz HoOLiGaN xX
  • Ea sports really want us to buy points dnt they :-(
  • Does this achievement work if you buy from the FUT web app? Instead of buying on the console.
  • looking for someone to buy a player off me and then i will buy him back.. please add GT: amanot
  • Looking for someone to buy a player off me and then i will buy him back and pay back with an extra surprise bonus Add me GT: xViveirosx
  • looking for someone to help me with this i dont have 15,000 points but have some decent players so if someone will buy one off me just tell me who you looking at buying and ill tell you if i have them.
  • Im devastated, I bought a player for 15,000 and he's disappeared :s nowhere to be found! :( so now I can't even sell him on/use him, got the achievement though!
  • I have a gold player. If someone will buy him for 15,000 and will let me buy him back, that would be awesome! Message me if interested. GT: bsteinke
  • Can somebody buy a player of me for 15K? I'll buy my player back with that 15K! :)
  • Can somebody buy a player of me for 15K? I'll buy my player back with that 15K! :) GT: Cevintje
  • Will someone help me get this achievement by buyng my modric. Gamertag: Alanb020 msg me first
  • #33 I don't have this achievement or the required coins but if you buy my Cahill, I will buy him straight back. Gamertag: SirGreaves
  • If anyone is still looking to get these FIFA 12 achievements my GT is JBtorres

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