Pack King Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Pack King



    Open 100 packs in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team

  • How to unlock Pack King

    This will come over time playing Ultimate Team. You need at least 40k coins for this (assuming you only buy packs with coins), as the cheapest pack is 400 coins (and 400*100=40,000). Unfortunately, there is no way ingame to check how many packs you've already bought.

    Also, if you're not the luckiest person, this will definitely come when trying to get How Great is That?.

  • Does the packs cost MS..??
  • They do but I think you can get them using in game points.
  • Coins and MS points.
  • both MS Points and if you win tournaments and games you get coins easy money really.
  • You don't need to spend MS points on packs. I opened hudreds of packs on FIFA 11 UT, all bought with coins. Just play loads of tournaments and make coins from trading. There will be plenty of people playing UT12 for the first time, and plenty of profit to be made from people sticking cards up for sale cheap, because they're not aware of the cards' values.
  • Buy bronze packs, 400 coins each so it's only 40,000 and you can sell the contracts and players.
  • Not really feeling this Cheevo to be honest, don't really play that much UT. To be fair tho, i know most people love it so it's not a bad Cheevo to be added to the game.
  • Never played ultimate team on FIFA 11 and dont intend on playing it on FIFA 12 so all these chevos are not going to be unlocked on my console. Pity
  • @#8 never play ultimate team even though you own fifa11? you sir are missing out big time.
  • so how much does a pack cost? new to UT
  • Bronze is 400coins, silver 2,500coins, gold 5,000coins
  • please don't eat me alive here but i also haven't played UT - what exactly is it? I've never really looked at it i mostly just play the season and occasionally online
  • it's kind of like a trading card game were you build up your 'dream team' and play matches with them etc.
  • @9 to true
  • one thing i will say about this game mode it can be very hard if you dont play to good and rush selling players.if new to game and selling players take a search see what others are putting up for not saying youll get 35 k thou for a player worth 5 k but lsat year i sold a few 3 k players for like 9k and even bought 15 k players for like 8k and less.its a really fun thing to coz in carer you want a play it can end up saying player dont want to come blah blah besst thing about fut is if you got the coins and willing to spend on players you can get who you like thou 4.5 mill for messi in the first week is poor
  • Yeah just buy bronze packs. Eventually you will get it. Don't like this achievement though!
  • I have this achievement. Thank god i got it yesterday before the 25 pack limit :P
  • Pack limit??
  • 100 packs = 40 k = bronze packs
  • this is simple thou if you get a good player in a pack like i got barca xavai what ever he called sold him for 200 thous coins could have got the cihvo instead i bought a good team for 193 thous and its worth 230 thous so just depends on how you play it out really
  • hard work this, up to £14m, and 150 players, however you can get the 10 tourny win, 100matches and get loads of packs to unlock at the same time as building ya team up to 85m, so should be able to get several unlocks all at once here.... (plus some of the individual player ones aswell)
  • Does anyone know if packs you open on the Web App count towards this as well?
  • You get more coins playing single match than tournament games pick a VS team like Barcelona or one of the Manchesters play with a low rating squad and you can get 600-700 coins match
  • How do you find out how many packs you've opened?
  • Hate opening packs, always get shit players!
  • Play a match - buy a bronze pack, it's the easiest way to get this achievement #24 You don't know, you have to keep track by yourself
  • Hope to get this today. Got the 85 million club one, and I'm selling all my players now. Already have 81K coins, so I should be able to get this one soon buying bronze only.
  • Done.
  • What is your advice on the extra cards you get in the bronze packs?? This achievement is not going quickly because my "consumables" are always fulled up.
  • Can anyone confirm that opening packs online counts towards this?
  • @29 contracts sell them if ur not playing games. if playing games, save them for players on none or one contracts Fitness, Training and them sell, also manager and maybe players, quick sell if necessary for easy coins?
  • most of the packs i open online , does this count towards the 100 or do i need to do it on the 360 ??????
  • It shouldn't take long constantly opening bronze packs after every match, it took me round about 35 matches with selling players that I got and discarding fitness cards etc.
  • i have ramos,kaka,puyol,for anyone that wants to trade for a player of 86 or higher contact gamertag: archangel162
  • I am assuming that packs opened with MS points on the console count toward the total number of packs. It's not just with in-game coins, is it?
  • @26 You may get a few more coins for a single match, but you're forgetting about the prize money for winning a tournament. Pick a big money, medium difficulty tornament, and if you don't mind replaying that tournament, the coins will be throwing themselves at you.
  • the easiest way to do this is to rack up 40,000 coins and then buy 100 bronze packs that cost 400 coins
  • I was just wondering when you open a pack can you just quick sell them all?
  • #38 Yes that's possible, but be aware that you might find a good player. My advise is to send the 3 of 4 players you get to your Club and just use quick sell all other consumeble cards (it's the last option)
  • If anyone wants this achievement fast i have a bunch of gold and black cards for trade, willing to give my whole team away which is over 85,000,000p.s i have the achievement, selling for 1600 microsoft points...message my gt: archangel162 for talks of a sale
  • Can you just open bronze packs or does it have to be gold?
  • #41 you can open bronze, silver or gold packs!!
  • If anyone wants this achievement fast i have a bunch of gold and black cards for trade, willing to give my whole team away which is over 85,000,000p.s i have the achievement, selling for 1600 microsoft points...message my gt: archangel162 for talks of a sale only for U.S citizens
  • Others ask, but can anyone confirm or deny: Do oacks count that are opened in the web-app? I would think they aren't, but I'd like to know for sure...
  • I feel like I've opened 100 but apparently not.
  • Can somebody help me with that? By giving me UTcoins for buying packs, please? :) GT: Cevintje
  • Impossible to get. The store has been shut down.
  • Attainable again. Store has been reopened.
  • Really need help with this achievement! I have coins on Fifa 13 if you wanna swap ???? GT is above so hit me up

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