We'll need a larger trophy case Achievement in FIFA 12

  • We'll need a larger trophy case



    Win your 10th trophy in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team

  • How to unlock We'll need a larger trophy case

    Just play and win 10 tournaments. You can win the same tournament 10 times in a row and still unlock this.

  • Chose a tournament with bronze players and amateur difficult, win and repeat 10 times to get the achievement. 40 games... DONE
  • Cool I didn't even think about redoing tournaments haha guess that will work
  • It has to be 10 different trophies if you look in your club you will see
  • No I got the achievement and did the same one over and over again
  • Yeah it works I can confirma, just play the same tournament over and over it counts...
  • got 10 different trophies and worth noting if ur losing in final,dashboard n restart then u dont need to start tournament again just in final
  • you can win the same tornament 10 times ive won the amature 1 12 times and the semi pro tornament 14 times :D
  • Many thanks HuddsHerbertMMM, i will definitely try that.

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