Club Legend Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Club Legend



    Play 100 matches with any player in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team

  • How to unlock Club Legend

    For this achievement a single player must play 100 matches for your Ultimate Team. You can forfeit the first 99 matches, but the 100th match has to be played.

    It seems doing this achievement with a player from a pack grants a greater chance of success than with a bought player.

  • is it just me or do they really want us to play ultimate team this year?
  • not play it but spend Microsoft Points!!!
  • Ultimate Team is a great mode once you know what your doing! Glad to see they brought back achievements for it!
  • Didn't play ultimate team in fifa 11, but will do this year.
  • I'm using heskey for this.
  • #2 Truth
  • you dont need to spend ms points you can use same player against a friend it count
  • Easy enough. I am going to do this cheevo with Fernando Torres since he is my favourite player and I got him in a pack :)
  • Already on 37 with Buffon :D
  • What does this mean and how can i check how many i've done.
  • Right stick click on a player and it will say. Also it's best to do it with a goalkeeper, they almost never get banned or injured.
  • I have played 100 matches Cassano but flew out to achieve, I have played 101 or is a bug
  • Does the player have to play 100 games with your team or 100 games total
  • I already have a job I do not know why the card was Cassano over 100 matches and no achievement but in the statistics of the players he was not in inches but Adriano had a 99 and fell into the match and
  • i am going for 100 with gilardino.. the guy is fast as hell.. i bought totti to give gilardino a rest and he was slow and so i subbed gilardino back in and started scoring goals again... totti is slower than molasses :) . if u sub the player it does not count right?
  • Got Nesta in a pack and have played 104 games with him, no achievement :(
  • i have played 140 with tremmel and 120 ish with moore and no achievement i think this is bugged:S hope they fix it soon
  • either it's bugged or they worded this achievement so very wrong i've got the feeling your supposed to play 100 matches with your team and the team has to stay the same throughout the 100 matches and of course players will get injured etc so only 1 player will most likely hit 100 matches on its own. if anyone knows any more info please share, thanks.
  • What you have to do here is play 100 matches with one player on your ultimate team. to find out how many games your player has done highlight him and click the RS. The quickest way to do this would be to forfeit 100 matches with any player on your squad. This still counts as a played game.
  • use your goalkeeper 100 times they never get injured or tired
  • has any1 actually got this achievement yet?? this is the only 1 i need for 1000G
  • you need to do this with someone you get in a pack. traded players wont work, also skipping games worked for me although i played the majority of them, and also played the 100th game and at the end it popped :)
  • Player stats have reset after 63 matches (all played) THANKS
  • played 100 games with ibrahimaovic, pique, and valdes and didnt get it!!!!!
  • same boat as number 24 got 3 players over 100 games and still no achievement
  • This is BS. EA have the most retarded achievement coders. They always fuck up ones that involve playing a certain number of games.
  • Bitching works (see #26). I got the achievement in my next game. I was trying to get it with my Bronze team CB Hines, who played 116 games when the achievement popped. The only thing I can suggest to others is that in the game when it came, I also played a new player who was playing his first game. Maybe just coincidence.
  • This is absolute BS. I have got 177 wins and 12 loss. I bought Gervinho , Suarez and Sagna on release day. Suarez has 20 games already on him. Gervinho had 10 and Sagna had 12. Suarez is now on 197 games , Gervinho on 187 and Sagna on 189. I figured it was bugged so I used my Evra I got in a pack and he is now on 105 games and still no achievement? This is going to be BS if this achievement is the only one I need to get all achievements as I am very close to 50 hours.
  • i gi got marchena from an auction on 89 now on 105 and no achievement it sucks EA need to comment on this....
  • I got this achievement today. A pain in the arse though ! I brought some packs with coins & made a team along with subs of all 'First Owner' Gold players. Gave them all contracts til they were all on 99 & made sure I had 11 contract cards saved as well. Then I would start a Single Match against the CPU. Kick off the game & play until the game clock had gone past 5 minutes then I would quit out. You may not get any coins but it will count towards the 100 games. Keep doing this until you have started & quit out of 99 games. After 99 games, all the players contracts would have run out so for the 100th game, give them all new contracts then start a Single game again but instead of quitting out, play the whole game & then at the end when the screen of the players match ratings are show
  • & the achievement should pop !
  • i've played 47 with my keeper but with my bronze tourny team which changes every 7-12 games when there contacts run out, my ireland team when he plays for 10mins then sub him off and my liga bbva which i do the same. but does it have to be done with the same squad cause if it is i will do it with one of my liga bbva players when i finish the team or just do the method above when fifa 13 comes out and i no longer care about my win-draw-loss thing
  • I just got this like 10 minutes ago. I used Anderson from Man U, got him out of a pack. played 100 games with 2 different teams because of the fitness levels of the other player. injuries didn't make a difference, not even swapping the teams. I think the trick with the achievement is you have to get them out of a pack, which they fail to mention.
  • I've played 67 games with Chicharito!!!! Almost there, this better pop up right away, I need it!!!! Badly!!!!
  • Ultimate team is fun, if you just love soccer, but if your trying to be competitive at the same time it's very unfair in certain ways!!! Still think it a nice gamemode though.
  • Got this after 102 matches w/ Joe Hart
  • Btw the stat when you click RS is for the games played by the card overall, not just for your team, but all the teams it's played for. Go onto the web app and view the games played on your players, it's specific to your team on it for some reason?
  • for me this one unlocked when it should have. ben foster played his 100th game in a final so im preety happy :D
  • oh and you can forfit games but MUST play the 100th game
  • just 18 more games and then 50 hours it is
  • You can unlock it with traded players. I got it with Helton (GK) and I'm the fourth owner. It is the only player with 100 games (my second best player is around 50, thanks to multiple injuries).
  • This was by far the hardest to unlock. First I tried the #30-method from above and used five traded players and six out of packs (didnt work). Finally on my second try I used only players out of packs and it worked. Both times I didnt moved or even touched any of the players once I had started. Maybe it wont unlock if you already have players with more than 100 games on your active team (which I had on the first try). And, if you disconnect or quit your 100st game - you're screwed
  • Ok I just got it. It is easy if you play tournaments. You can get it with traded players or ones you pull. For players you bought ie didnt pull from a pack remeber the # of games they played before you bought them. So if you bought a heskey with 12 games played you add 100 so when he reaches 112 on your team you will get the cheevo. You cant buy a player with 93 games played and play 7 games and get the cheevo. I got mine with pazzini from inter. Bought him with 1 game played and then at 101 i got the cheevo!
  • Played 130 games with Joe Hart and I got him in my first pack before playing a game. Not sure why its not working :(
  • Same here, played 104 games with Lavezzi (got him in a pack) and no achievement.
  • 15 Points only for this Cheevo.... hate this one !
  • damn this is a long achivement
  • up to 53 with Gary Cahill
  • Ultimate team cheevos are complete turd
  • Got De Gea out of a pack.....107 games still no Achievement...
  • I'm kinda confused. My Thiago Motta has been stuck on 49 games for about 10 games now, bit annoying. Anyone know why?
  • Ozil, Puyol, Buffon, and Pepe all 100+ for my team. Puyol and Pepe were out of packs and still no achievement. Oh well, maybe 5th time lucky
  • Can this be done with a player bought by trading with already some games? example: a plyer with 99 games i play one more and this unlock?
  • #53 no, they need to play 100 for your club. I'm on 99 now for Motta but he played about 5 games for his old club so who knows when I'll get this...
  • Stupid achievement...

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