Trophy Time Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Trophy Time



    Win the league title in any league in Career Mode

  • How to unlock Trophy Time

    Start up a new career with whatever club you wish. If you're new to FIFA, you might want to pick one of the best teams of an average league so you can take anything. To unlock this achievement, you must win the league in which you are playing. If you play with Man United, you must win the Premier League, for example. Difficulty does not matter, it can be done on Amateur.

    If you want it real quick, pick one of the top teams and simply sim the entire season.

  • without a doubt this is a straight forward achievement.
  • Just choose Man Utd and sim the season. Sorted.
  • Tried the sim way now 3 times matt no unlocked they win the league every time..
  • I won the league in Player mode without simming (except the games I was exhausted for) and no achievement :(
  • Im pretty sure in the past this achievement has to be done by NOT simming any games, if your playing the career as a player and have been dropped for a game, you still must play the game without ur virtual pro, and preseason friendlies should be played too.
  • i've tried simming the whole season with swansea team but swansea was full of the best players which i transfered so i didnt get the achievement, i also ran through it normally using my pro for most matches but i did sim a match or 2 and didnt get it i also tried siming with manunited for a season on semi pro but i dont end up top at the end of the season so i dno if that works, im just gonna try run through it again without simming any games and im not gonna use my pro just play as the whole sqaud for the full season and see if it works. if anyone has anything they can say or do i would be greatful thanks, hope i've helped in anyway too.
  • If that's the case ^ try a Australian league team and just put it on 4mins.
  • I can confirm this does work by simming the season.
  • simmed half a season then played the other half to come top of the league and didn't get the achievement i did an australia league, if anyone can give me a detailed info on what team to use what league etc would appreciate it very much
  • Played the whole season with arsenal on semi pro, didnt sim one day even when i was too tired to play and won the league and didnt get an achievement, is it a glitch or do you need to be a manager and win the league title for it to count?
  • I just played a whole season on "Amateur" difficulty with Chelsea, played every single game and didn't simulate any games, yet after winning the league I didn't get this achievement. v mad.
  • hi played twice now and i dint sim any games wat am i doing wrong plz
  • I just put all the best Man City and Man Utd players in Adelaide (A-League), simmed the whole season and got the achievement. I played as manager mode.
  • This is how i got it 1. create new career mode and select > Manager Mode 2. Choose a team in the Australian league, and wen you have chosen a team press Y to swap teams. Then choose Man utd as ur team. 3. sim all your games until the achievement pops up BTW, make sure you stay at the top of the ladder.
  • I followed the advice in #15, you'll have it in 15-20 mins, it would be quicker if you didnt have to respond to transfer offers.
  • I just won the Premier League as Man Utd and didn't get it, though I did sim 3 months of games where my pro was injured.
  • This cheevo is a joke ,just played for 7 hours in career mode won the league still no sims except for being dropped due to exaustion and iv'e just simmed a full season yet no cheevo.Can anybody elaborate on the requirements of this? Coz Batmans out friday and this glitchy unfinished asshole is going in the fuckin cupboard.
  • I'm trying #15 it might work check it out and if I do get my cheevo I'll tell you lot (I think)
  • Yey I got the cheevo #15 worked
  • Yeah, won the league with Real Madrid, playing as a Pro, and didn't get the achievement. I will try #15 since I think I should already have this achievement.
  • Very easy 50G - Just play some of the games and win and then sim the rest
  • This achievement does not seem to work as a "Player"... Need to be "Manager" or "Player Manager" to get achievement... They should make this clear in the description.
  • i dominated the MLS and won the cup but no achievement. Goose1085 may be right,i will have to play through again as manager or something. weak.
  • Played as Bayern Munich and won the league as a "Player" = No achievement Played as Seattle Sounders and won the MLS CUP as "Player Manager" = Achievement!! Hopefully it works out for everyone now.
  • Played as Ajax with my Pro and Manager with Juventus, but both times no Achievement !! :-(
  • Just tried that A-League method with Barcelona. Simmed every game and won the division, yet no achievement? Anybody got any PROPER information?
  • After going through my FIFA 12 Achievement List, it seems the achievement was unlocked, but it didn't pop up. Double-check your lists guys. :)
  • popped for me with 7 games too go, no one could catch me so id effectivly won the league and got promoted. Quite easy 50G IMO
  • After doing it first a VP and it didn't pop up. Sim matches as manager and popped up today
  • Somehow my manager mode with everton has Been saved over and everytime I try to strt a new manager mode it crashes on the advance screen..any advice?
  • i got the cheev but i only got 20g from it? plus it didnt pop up..
  • Love this achievement, really fun, in my 5th season and missed out each time. Great game.
  • Literally just did this finished a career mode as just a player no achievement! fifa is officially the shitiest game ever if anyone has any info to why i might not hae got it message me gt:MurrayGast
  • Love the method suggested by #15! Just soo annoying with transfers, I'm getting about 4-5 offers a week during the transfer window :(
  • I have been playing as Player and as Manager. And couldn't get my achievement yet. I am at Australian League, and choose Manchester Unit. I've followed all the tips here and nothing :(

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