Procrastinator Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Procrastinator



    Sign a player on Deadline Day in the transfer window in Career Mode

  • How to unlock Procrastinator

    The first transfer period will start immediately when you start a new career and you will also receive an e-mail about it. For it to unlock, you must sign a player on Deadline Day. An easy way to do this is to play with a team with a lot of money (I did it with Barcelona) and then, one or two days before deadline day, offer a huge amount of money for a player with little skill. Right before or during the first period of Deadline Day the player will inform you he accepts. Now, during Deadline Day, send him an unrefusable contract offer to make him sign.

    Deadline Day starts with 10 hours left on the clock. Each time you choose Continue, time will decrease with 1 hour. Don't panic if the e-mail says you'll receive a respond within a few days. On Deadline Day, you receive are respond every 1 or 2 hours.

  • Cracking achievement list, fair play
  • This didn't unlock for me after I signed a player in literally the last hour of the window. I got the player in my squad, but no achievement. Got to wait until the January window now to try again!
  • @#2 Same thing just happened to me. Quite annoying.
  • I just signed a free agent. Easiest way to get it.
  • Also signed one in the last hour of the window. The achievement didn't pop up. Guess it's glitched or sth.
  • How do you sign a free agent?
  • in the last four hours i signed with van persie for 50.000.000 euros (bayern)

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