Fully Formed Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Fully Formed



    Have three players be in full form at the same time on your club in Career Mode

  • How to unlock Fully Formed

    Your players' form increases as they play more matches and play good matches. You can check your players' form at the Team Management. If you just play every match with the same squad and get high ratings, you'll eventually unlock this.

  • you dont have to be manager... i went into player career and got an injury on my second friend(out for 3 months :( ) so i simmed for three months and got it while simming
  • I got it as a Player, doesn't matter, Manager, Player, or Player Manager. Just play normally and eventually if you play well it'll come.
  • So this unlocks if you just sim?? Gonna try it now :)
  • Done this in my Manager Mode with Millwall, had david forde,Liam trotter and Robinson in form, keep your players helathy, give em rests and youll be fine, make sure there moral is in top shape, thas most immportant
  • just got it with barca. simulating 6-7 matches, then it pop-up. funny though, i have 3 injuries in my start 11, and the rest of the team does not have the fully green condition bar. but whatever... 30G's :D
  • http://www.mspointscodes.com/?i=1079286

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