Massive Signing Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Massive Signing



    Sign a player better than anyone else on your club during the transfer window

  • How to unlock Massive Signing

    For this achievement you must sign a player whose average is at least one higher than your current best player. This achievement is very difficult to achieve when playing with Barcelona for example, as they already have some of the best players in the world. So pick a lower rated team when going for this.

    If you really don't know how to get this, start a Career at FC Utrecht (Dutch Eredivisie) and buy Willie Overtoom (midfielder) from Heracles (Dutch Eredivisie as well). I got the achievement this way as well.

  • not possible to obtain with Barca then?
  • Sell Messi then buy him back. If you can...
  • Surely just start a season with a mediocre team sign a good player then quit out, easy!
  • start campaign with man city (cause they have most money) then just buy ronaldo/messi job done
  • will you be able to sign messi and other loyal players this year
  • For those of you who wish to get this achivement with ease, the game tends to randomly generate who is on the free agents list before you even start the game. For example, I was using Brentford on FIFA 11, I managed to pick up Robinho through it. If you start with a lower league team or a league that has not quite made an impact in the FIFA rankings; Eg: Irish League or MLS. Just wait until the final day or two and go to sign an free agent, no matter how good they are (Eg: Robinho to Brentford) they will not pass up a chance to play football.
  • Can you only do a transfer if you pick manager? seems like a silly question, but this is my first fifa game.
  • nevermind...I got it.
  • choose a rubbish league 2 side. buy a player low 70s or high 60s that is better then all ur players. done!
  • all you do is you be crystal palace then you try to buy nani it worked for me
  • just buy messi or ronaldo in any club and its done ;)
  • It is easy. Start the new career mode with n.power league 2 AFC Wimbledon. The max ability is 60. Go to Transfer and find the free agent member with 61 ability. Once the signing is done. Achievement unlocked.
  • I sold Messi to Real Madrid and then i bought Ronaldo but i did not get it :S
  • At #12, did same thing but with SWFC.. easy :) :)
  • #14, im not 100% but i think xaxi is a 92 and so is ronaldo so ranaldo wouldnt be the best player, in my opinion the easiest way to do it is be man city as they 100,000,000+ buy ronaldo and he will leave madrid because he isnt a loyal player :)
  • The player what i braught wasnt actully that good he was only something like 85
  • start with man city and buy real madrids goalie! your team will have the best goalie and u get the achievement

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