Youth is Served Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Youth is Served



    Sign a player to your youth squad in Career Mode

  • How to unlock Youth is Served

    For this, you will first need a scout. Go to Youth Academy and then to Scout Network. Here you can hire up to three scouts. Hire one, go back and Continue. The next day you'll receive an e-mail the scout has arrived. Then you can send him anywhere you want in the world. Choose a country and how long he has to scout.

    When he's scouting, it'll take about a month before you receive the first report. Offer ANY player in the report to join your youth squad. A day later, you'll receive e-mail about their acceptance and the achievement unlocks.

    If the player refuses, it's like buying players from other clubs; you simply didn't offer them enough cash.

  • will you be able to play youth team players in your normal squad
  • I do not have a clue how to put a player into the youth squad :/
  • you need to get a scout before you can put them in.
  • easy just hire a scout or three, send them out, sim for a few weeks and they will bring back a list of players to sign/reject

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