Puppet Master Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Puppet Master



    Talk to the Press in Career Mode

  • How to unlock Puppet Master

    After you play an important match you can choose to talk to the press for a few days in a row. Days in which you can talk to the press are marked with a red block with a mic in it. During one of these days, press  and the screen will come up. Choose any subject, then choose any answer and the achievement unlocks.

  • I got this for slagging off Wenger for not selling me Theo Walcott! LMAO I agree with you scottyg88, it's getting more realistic and entertaining :D
  • Haven't played career yet (just BaP and FUT) does this have to be in manager mode, or can I do it in player/manager?
  • How do you talk to the press??? Also for anyone who wants to get some of these achievements add me.
  • it can be done in player/manager. you have to press the X button once the image of a microphone appears in the calendar on the top of the screen.
  • @5...thanks for the heads up, started a player manager and saw the icon, just didn't dawn on me what it was for.
  • LOL This achievement really should be called 'BULLS#!@ ARTIST'

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