Sweet Music Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Sweet Music



    Set up some Custom Audio in FIFA 12

  • How to unlock Sweet Music

    At the main menu, go to My Audio and select My Audio again. Choose My FIFA 12 and change anything that says Custom into something else.

  • how do i do this ??? i cant seem to upload any songs anywhere any1 any info on how to?
  • get some music from a cd and sync it to your xbox then go on to custom chants and change one to a song easy
  • I have songs on my XBOX and the only option I get is default when I go to pick songs?
  • This was difficult in Fifa 11. You have to have songs in the correct format and save them on the xbox hard drive in a playlist. The playlist should then be detected by Fifa 12. Doesnt seem to work with a usb storage device either.
  • In fact just got it. I done it with an Audio CD, from the dashboard you can go to the music library and rip the cd to the hard drive. Then save the songs/sounds you want to add into a playlist and it should appear in Fifa 12 when you go into custom chants & audio.
  • Does adding songs block all of the default songs, or does it combine them? So in other words, if I add five songs, does this get added to the games original soundtrack? Also, what format must songs be?
  • Well I just done it with a custom made CD, done a normal Audio CD in Nero, think they are all MP3s. It seems you need to have a playlist for each option e.g. crowd chant otherwise every song in that playlist will play for the crowd chant. In Fifa 12 you choose which audio you want to replace so you can have menu music as default and entry songs custom etc. Dont think you can combine custom sounds and default songs in one option, but could be wrong. Still working it all out.
  • i got this one by choosing the same song i used in fifa 11 but the song don't work still got the cheevo tho :P
  • Has to be a playlist on your console or WMP (if synced to your console) got the cheevo using the same chants from last year.
  • Got this. Rip a cd, then create a playlist on your xbox 360. Once you've ripped and saved, then all you need to do is custom chants and edit which part you like to customise. Underneath 'default'you should see your saved playlist option. If not, then you are doing something wrong. It's that simple
  • far to complicated for me this little achievo,
  • Can't get this or the one for 11 because I have the 4GB xbox, bullshit achievement if you are going to make it console dependent. I can see online ones but making it dependent on which console you bought is a bit excessive.
  • You really shouldn't be blaming them for making this a "console dependent" achievement, because the 4GB xbox is pointless, it disallows you from doing so much. Unless you aren't using your xbox all that much you probably should've bought one with a bigger hard drive.
  • I found this really easy to do. Just put some music onto your x box, even if it's just one song. Then you just have to create a playlist on your x box. Then go to customise fifa, music & chants, custome music & chants then go to edit menu, click which ever you want to change and your playlist should be under Default.
  • helpful video --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRnUzoAqHEA
  • have to make it into a playlist
  • Burn a cd on the xbox. Go to customise FIFA. Go on my music and chants then custom music & chants. My FIFA 12 then press A on any of them. Go down 1 and select your music
  • i have a 4gb xbox with a flash drive connected to it. Will this work?
  • Thank you @10 with yur step by step guide i got the achievement
  • My 1st achievement of the game

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