Virtual Legend Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Virtual Legend



    Play 50 Matches with your Virtual Pro

  • How to unlock Virtual Legend

    Simply play 50 matches with your Virtual Pro. Career, Kick-Off and online Pro matches count towards this.

  • much bettr than the 500 :)
  • That 500 games was such a grind! Don't get me wrong I love clubs mode but 500 games, where it doesn't count opponent quit outs?! Blimey
  • i hate the 500 game chevo it did me head in when ppl backed out and you got the win but not towards the chevo i played 1603 games before i got the 500 game lol
  • In Fifa 11 the 500 games could be achieved using your Virtual Pro in ANY match. Most of mine was achieved in Career Mode because I became player/manager. I then finished of the last 30 or so games in Exibition n just replayed the same match. You didnt need to do this in Pro Clubs for Fifa11 and hopefully not in Fifa 12
  • Easy compared to the 500 game one!
  • easy just use your virtual pro in career if it works coz i didnt even try on fifa 11 coz 11 was shit
  • ooof! good they decreased the amount; now i can really get this one!
  • Make sure u just play as your Pro only. It won't count if u play as everyone. So just play as you Pro.
  • Did anyone bother to play 500 matches in Fifa 11?
  • This is a typo it is 500 games.
  • cheers to only 50!
  • bit easy the achievment now didnt mind having to work for it must have got the 500 one 2 over on 11 :)
  • @ 10 really then how did i get it ive not played 500 games in 22 hrs
  • @8 your wrong i played as whole team and pro on the start it still counts wow people make comments on here without evening getting these chivos am starting too think....
  • Can you get sent off like before and have it count (accidently just did before, oops :( ) and also if your controller gets disconnected does the achievement still count this time?
  • has anyone got this achievement yet? can you play this in exhibition match, and does it have to be on semi pro or higher? can you play versing controller 2 or something?
  • :( this should be 500 or at least 300
  • how can you tell how many appearances your virtual pro has had
  • This is cack ive played 64 already and no cheevo for me :(
  • does anyone no where u can find out ?
  • #20 i have been trying to find out too but i think on the main menu you can see howm any games you have played and i think it might give you an idea as to how many youve played with your pro... i wonder if they counted for me though because i had a remote that kept disconnecting on me the first few days i got fifa 12 but now i have a new remote... argh
  • Do you have to play as your Pro only, caue I've almost got it but i've controlled the whole team for every match?
  • Would someone who has this cheevo confirm if u can get it playing as the whole team and not just as your pro? Cheers
  • i got this last night, played all 50 games as the whole team but made sure my pro started.
  • Cheers all for your help! ;)
  • Finally got it , ended up having to play 78 games with pro and it doesnt matter what mode your on or if you play as full squad
  • you've all answered my question, e.g can you get this playing as tema, as long as he starts, cheers everyone
  • Played 78 games in my pro clubs, a few in Career Mode and still no achievement!!!
  • for everyone saying its a glitch its meant to be 500 its not i got this achievement in player manager mode :) easy achievement, thanks EA
  • guys this is so easy to get jus play on player manager mode n select use all team for matches play as normal plus u pro is there :)
  • So simming in the manager mode counts towards the 50 games?
  • i think its stupid that it wont let you find out how many games your pro has played, but instead how many games overall : another cock up.
  • u can tell lets say ur pros a keeper. If u play on semi-pro, theres an accomplishment for playing ten games as one, same for defender, midfielder and striker. So, if u play all ten matches as them positions, you'd get to 40 matches. then, just count another ten after, give it also up to 60 games for disconnecting controllers and rage quiters before you get all worked up about it being glitched, and then 50G comes rolling through your door :)
  • @ 32 you need to acctually play the matches simming wont work and i am looking for a pro club to join to get this achievement if any1 can help me gt: dizzi ray
  • Do you have to play 50games with the one club? I'm my career with my VP I started off in league one, played 40 games in that league then moved to serie a and have currently played 12 games, which makes a total if 52 games and no achievement pop?
  • i played 15 games as just my pro on online club mode then 35 games controlling the whole team in career mode and bling 50g
  • abit off topic but does anyone know exactly how many seasons there our in be a pro:career mode?
  • i have found out how to check how many games you have played go Virtual Pro, Accomplishments, Physical, Advanced Accomplishments, 47)Play 100 Games X/100
  • in career mode, does your virtual pro have to be on the entire game, or can u sub him off?
  • just got this - fact is like #39 said: my Games listed in accomplishments -> physical -> 47) are only 46/100. I looked up this number earlier before I played my pro in career mode and after - this one doesnt change, but the games in career mode seems to count. what also counts is - playing the hole team against a friend in friendly season with your pro in it
  • if you are playing in manager mode go to my career and press RT to get your players stats and it tells you how many appearances you have made. not sure if you can find out or if it counts how many games you have played over all game types.
  • I got this just playing through expedition mode on euro 2012 DLC. Make sure you select your pro as club captain though!
  • @44 - are you sure? i'm playing through expedition and i'm sure i've played more than 50 matches.

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