Happy 20th EA SPORTS! Achievement in FIFA 12

  • Happy 20th EA SPORTS!



    Score 20 match goals in FIFA 12 to celebrate 20 years of EA SPORTS!

  • How to unlock Happy 20th EA SPORTS!

    It seems the first mode you score in is the mode tracking the goals for this achievement. So if you start out with Career, make 20 goals in Career.

  • Happy 20th EA Sports!!!!!
  • Hey everyone add me for help with any FIFA12 achievements. I will be getting it on day of release. Add me GAMERTAG: HattonGaming
  • 20 years and they've only recently started to change things. Woo, go EA Sports...
  • Happy 20th Ea Sports! Wonderful!!
  • gonna get this when playing early season ticket.
  • Happy 20th Ea. I cant wait for this game!
  • thanks for the easy achievement, EA Sports, happy 20th!
  • Quite alot of the FIFA achievements this year are easy.
  • 1 more week and FIFA 12 is out in the US!!! Then I'm going to start failing school... haha!!
  • add me for some matches/achievements "SlavenBOSS"
  • ive unlocked 100 goals achivo scored like 38 goals in one game me and a mate sat up all night to get this any idea how the hell it unlocks coz went on his account it unlocked like wtf
  • got it now thank god lol
  • i have ulocked 100 goals achievements but i dont have 20 goals why?
  • @15 you maybe need to score in certain game modes to unlock this one. I've definitely scored more than 20 in ultimate team alone and don't have the achievement yet. I have also scored plenty of goals in online friendlies so for now I'm just putting it down to needing to get goals in certain play modes rather than a glitched achievement for now.
  • I did mine in career mode .I think they have to be scored in modes where you Control the pro (be a pro mode) .I had scored crap loads in other game modes It did not unlock .3 games in CM mode and 21 goals later..
  • I got it just by playing exhibition matches. They are cumulative, so you don't have to score 20 in a single match.
  • I have my 100 match goals one but not this one?! Anyone know why :(
  • I've scored more than 20 in carreer and more than that in ultimate team - played exhibition matches to get some of the CPU achievements etc and it popped up - maybe it can only be done in exhibition? That or its a randomly glitched achievement that pops up every now and again like the nutmeg achievement, which again i got just pratting around running at players, no skills sum1 tackled me missed the ball and it popped up - wtf? lol
  • tried all day yesterday and scored well over 20 goals on legendary an still havent got it lol just gonna have to accept mines glitched :(
  • My Fifa 12 broke,i did all acheivments after raping it for 10 days straight
  • Can anybody help me plz?
  • i have scored 20 plus goals in all game modes and it still aint poppin up. WTF
  • so basicly u gotta get your pro to score 20+ goals in career mode???
  • Solution for those who weren't able to get the Happy 20th EA Sports Achievement. I can guarantee this method works 100%. Just unlocked it 10 mins ago. 1. Unplug your HDD. 2. Plug in a usb stick ( or if you have an x360 arcade, you can use your internal memory ). 3. Recover your gamertag on the current device ( memory unit / usb stick / internal memory ). 4. Now enter Fifa 12 and skip all the tutorials. Start a new career, play as Player Manager, put your difficulty on Semi-Pro and play 2-3 matches until you score 20 goals. After the 20th goal, bam, achievement unlocked ! Good luck !
  • I got this in one match of kick off. Won it 29-1 nbd.

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