Attacking Rage Achievement

  • Attacking Rage



    Win a game with 10+ shots on goal and 70% shot accuracy.

    This achievement requires that you win a game while taking 10 or more shots and maintaining 70% or more accuracy. This is quite simple to do on Beginner difficulty. Set the half length to longer if you think you wont be able to reach 10 shots. Every time you get near the net and press the shoot button counts as a shot. 70% of the shots you take must go in or be saved by the goalkeeper. Block shots don't effect your accuracy, but shots the miss the net and go out of bounds do. Your strategy will be to dribble close to the net and shoot as much as possible. You can check you total shots and accuracy (divide Shots on Target by Total Shots) mid-game by pressing the pause button and selecting Facts. Once you get more than 10 shots with at least 70% of them on target, feel free to not take anymore shots. Just let the clock run out. The achievement will unlock at the end of the game.


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