Double Hero Achievement

  • Double Hero



    Win the Penalty Shootout by having your keeper defend AND score a goal.

    This achievement requires that you win a Penalty Shootout and have your goalkeeper score a goal and make at least one save. To get to Penalty Shootout, from the Main Menu, tap the Play tab. Choose any two teams you like (preferably your team would be better). Before loading into the match, navigate to the Lineups tab and take note of your goalkeeper's name. When you load in, you need to adjust the line-ups so that your goalkeeper will shoot first. Highlight the player in the number one position. Then scrolls down and highlight the goalkeeper (he will most likely be number 11). This will swap the goalie into the first shooting position. Now you just need to score with the goalkeeper on the first shot, make at least one save with the goalkeeper, and then go on to win the shootout. If you fail to score with the goalkeeper, immediately pause and restart the shootout. You will need to place the goalkeeper in the first shooting position upon each restart.


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