Shot stopper Achievement

  • Shot stopper



    Win the Penalty Shootout without conceding any goals.

    This achievement requires that you win a Penalty Shootout without conceding a single goal. From the Main Menu, choose Play at the top, then Penalty Shootout. You will want to play as a good team and match up again a bad team. Choose Real Madrid (in the Liga BBVA league) for your team (you should be the team on the left), and oppose FC Lausanne (in the Raiffeisen SL league). This will ensure you have the better shooters and goalkeeper. 

    You will need to save 100% of the other team's shots and win the shootout, regardless of how many rounds the game goes. As long as you save every shot, the achievement will unlock. The easiest way to do this is to score on your first three shots and save the first three shots by the opponent, ending the game after three rounds and unlocking this achievement.

    Saving the ball in this game is fairly luck-based. As the opponent is moving to shoot, you will need to choose a direction for your goalkeeper to attempt a save. Tap your goalkeeper and drag to the location in the net you want him to dive. You cannot wait until the shot is on the way as it will be too late. You must guess before the shot is taken. If you are playing against a bad opponent, it is best to dive either low left or low right, as the shooters will rarely be able to pick an upper corner. If at any point you concede a goal, pause and restart. After starting, the shooters will often make the same shot the just took, so use that to your advantage to dive the correct direction. 

    See "Ace from the Spot" for tips on scoring in the Penalty Shootout.


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